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Tommy Fury beats KSI on majority decision in controversial Manchester bout | UK News

Tommy Fury has defeated KSI on a majority decision after the pair faced off in a six-round cruiserweight match in Manchester.

The professional boxer was given the nod 57-56 by two judges with a third scoring the contest 57-57.

His win was marred by a controversial points decision after he landed 12 jabs and 39 punches which connected compared to KSI’s 38 as well as having a point deducted for a rabbit punch.

KSI, a YouTube star, rapper and boxer, said after the bout: “It’s a robbery, how many jabs did he land? I’m the YouTuber, you’re the boxer, I understand, you have to win. I want to appeal.”

KSI, who came into the arena in a green Lamborghini alongside rapper Giggs, might have been the away fighter but his fans roared in support when he landed a solid overhand right early in the first round.

Fury responded with a left hook but his habit of landing several rabbit punches when the fighters were tied up led to him being docked the point in the second round after several complaints from KSI.

Tommy Fury (left) and KSI in action during their bout at the AO Arena in Manchester
Tommy Fury (left) and KSI in action during their bout at the AO Arena in Manchester

KSI showed stamina with a combination of uppercuts and overhead rights.

In the third round, he was ducking and diving as the bigger Fury began to lean on his opponent, beginning to find his range.

The fighters began to clinch a number of times in the next, although both came close to unloading with right hands before KSI took to the inside at the start of the fifth round in a tight encounter.

KSI then kept Fury at arms’ length throughout the final round and believed he had pulled off the shock win as he celebrated in his corner.

Tommy Fury reacts after his bout with KSI during the MF and DAZN: X Series event at the AO Arena, Manchester. Picture date: Saturday October 14, 2023.
Fury reacts to majority decision

The long-term rivals entered the ring on Saturday night for their highly anticipated clash, after a war of words that lasted months.

KSI, 30, who garnered a huge following through his gaming videos, co-launched Prime energy drinks with fellow YouTuber Logan Paul.

KSI won his only previous fight as a professional against Logan Paul. He has fought eight times in total, with five wins, one draw, one no-contest and now one defeat.

Tyson Fury (centre) celebrates his brother's victory
Tyson Fury (centre) celebrates his brother’s victory

Molly-Mae Hague reacts after Tommy Fury beats KSI during the MF and DAZN: X Series event at the AO Arena, Manchester
Molly-Mae Hague, Fury’s wife

Tommy Fury, 24, is the younger brother of heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury.

He starred on the fifth series of Love Island in 2019, where he met his fiancee Molly-Mae Hague. The pair welcomed their first child Bambi in January.

Rishi Sunak condemns ‘evil’ Hamas attack on Israel one week on | Politics News

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has condemned Hamas’s “evil” attack on Israel one week on from the group’s surprise raids.

In an unprecedented incursion, Hamas took hostages and killed civilians last weekend.

In the week since, Israel has retaliated by bombing Gaza, from where the militants launched the attack.

Civilians have been caught up in the reprisals, as they try to flee south and thousands have died on both sides of the conflict.

Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has said the “next stage” of the country’s response is coming – with a ground offensive, supported by air and sea attacks, expected on Gaza.

Follow live: Gazans told ‘go south if you want to live’

Speaking on Saturday evening, Mr Sunak defended Israel’s right to defend itself, saying: “We stand with Israel, not just today, not just tomorrow, but always.”

“And I stand with you, the British Jewish community, not just today, not just tomorrow, but always.

“Am Yisrael Chai,” he added.

Am Yisrael Chai translates as ‘the people of Israel live’.

Mr Sunak said that he knew the coming days and weeks would be “very difficult”.

“No words can begin to describe the horror and barbarism unleashed in Israel a week ago,” he said. “Daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, grandparents taken from people in the cruellest and most horrific way possible.

“Hundreds of people have been killed, many wounded or missing and others living through the unimaginable agony of having a loved one kidnapped and held hostage.

“British citizens were among the victims. And as we continue to learn more, I know there are families here and in Israel in deep pain and torment.

“My thoughts and my heart go out to everyone suffering in the wake of these attacks.”

‘We will do everything to protect Jewish people’

Mr Sunak also offered a message to the people of Israel.

“Britain is with you,” he said.

“What took place was an act of pure evil and Israel has every right to defend itself. We will do everything we can to support Israel in restoring the security it deserves.”

He told the British Jewish community: “I know you are hurting and reeling from these vile terrorist acts.

“At moments like this, when Jewish people are under attack in their homeland, Jewish people everywhere can feel less safe.

“We’ve seen intimidating behaviour and shameful antisemitism online and on our streets with attempts to stir up tensions.

“I say, not here.

“Not in Britain. Not in our country. Not in this century.

“We will do everything we possibly can to protect Jewish people in our country.

“And if anything is standing in the way of keeping the Jewish community safe, we will fix it.”

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‘Unimaginable and heartbreaking’

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer also marked a week since the Hamas attack, while calling for safe humanitarian corridors for Palestinians in Gaza fleeing violence.

He said: “A week ago we awoke to the unimaginable and heartbreaking news of terrorist attacks on Israel from Gaza by Hamas.

“In the days that have followed, we have heard horrific stories of the murder and mutilation of men, women and children, along with the horror of hostage-taking.

“Israel has the right, indeed the duty, to defend herself and rescue these hostages. Responsibility for what has happened sits with the terrorists of Hamas; and we repeat our call for Hamas to release all hostages.

“I’ve met with members of the British Jewish community this week and told them that we stand with Israel and with them at this time.”

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer says goodbye to Rabbi Eli Levin after visiting the South Hampstead Synagogue, London. Picture date: Thursday October 12, 2023.
Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer says goodbye to Rabbi Eli Levin after visiting the South Hampstead Synagogue, London. Picture date: Thursday October 12, 2023.

Sir Keir added: “I know this is a distressing and worrying time and welcome the extra funding for the CST (Community Security Trust).

“There must be zero tolerance of any increase in antisemitism or Islamophobia.

“Hamas has no interest in peace. No interest in protecting Palestinians.

“We call on all parties to act in line with international law, including allowing humanitarian access of food, water, electricity and medicines to Gaza and ensuring safe humanitarian corridors in Gaza for those fleeing violence.

“Seven days on from the darkest day in Israel’s recent history, our resolve in the face of terrorism will not falter.”

<a href=''>Wales v Argentina: Gatland's men lead – Rugby World Cup quarter final LIVE</a>

<a href=''>Wales v Argentina: Gatland's men lead – Rugby World Cup quarter final LIVE</a>

Sir Michael Caine confirms retirement from acting, saying: ‘You don’t have leading men at 90’ | Ents & Arts News

British actor Sir Michael Caine has confirmed he has retired from acting after the release of his latest film.

The Oscar, Golden Globe and Bafta-winning actor has made the announcement after appearing in more than 160 films over his seven-decade career.

His final film, The Great Escaper, which was released on 6 October, sees Sir Michael star alongside Glenda Jackson, who died in June after the completion of the film.

He plays real-life Second World War veteran Bernie Jordan, who escaped from a care home to attend D-Day celebrations in France.

Undated handout photo issued by Rob Youngson of actors Sir Michael Caine and Glenda Jackson starring alongside one another again for their new film The Great Escaper
Actors Sir Michael Caine and Glenda Jackson

“I keep saying I’m going to retire. Well, I am now,” Sir Michael told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“I’ve figured, I’ve had a picture where I’ve played the lead and had incredible reviews… what am I going to do that will beat this?”

“The only parts I’m liable to get now are 90-year-old men. Or maybe 85.

“They’re not going to be the lead. You don’t have leading men at 90, you’re going to have young handsome boys and girls. So, I thought, I might as well leave with all this.”

The veteran actor initially said he was close to giving up acting in 2021, having just appeared in the film Best Sellers alongside Aubrey Plaza.

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He told film critic Mark Kermode that he expected Best Sellers to be his last film because he had a spine problem which was affecting his walking and “there haven’t been any offers for two years”.

While he stopped short of formally retiring, he has since revealed that he turned down The Great Escaper three times before eventually accepting the role.

Sir Michael’s announcement comes a month before the release of his debut novel, Deadly Game.

The 90-year-old said in June: “It’s been my ambition for years to write a thriller. It’s the genre I most love to read and I’ve really got a buzz out of working on Deadly Game and teaming up with Hodder once again to publish it.

“I hope readers enjoy getting to know Harry Taylor as much as I did.”

The novel follows the adventures of DCI Harry Taylor, a detective “with no respect for red tape or political reputations”.

Israel-Hamas war: Football cannot resist being political – until it becomes too challenging | UK News

Trying to be uplifting while sounding fanciful.

It took until the seventh day of mourning for FIFA President Gianni Infantino to offer any condolences.

And when he did it was to claim football can play a role in ending hostilities between the Israelis and Hamas as a “vehicle for peace”.

That will seem a distant proposition for the Israelis grieving more than 1,300 victims of the Hamas massacres on their territory last Saturday.

Or for those in Gaza feeling the full force of the retaliation – with Israeli strikes to eradicate the threat of a group designated a terror organisation by the UK government.

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FA branded ‘spineless’

Follow live: Israel launches Gaza ground missions

Football Association president Prince William, through palace aides, did say there was a “right of self-defence” by Israel.

But football has struggled with how to show compassion while delicately assessing remarks issued on the bloodiest escalation in decades in a long-running conflict.

And football’s voice matters because the sport wants to matter with an impact beyond sport.

But football bodies suggesting a moral equivalence when decrying Israeli and Hamas actions has provoked anger among Jewish leaders in England and sports leaders in Israel.

The Premier League said it “strongly condemns the horrific and brutal acts of violence against innocent civilians” with a reference to both Israel and Gaza.

Chelsea broke ranks from the unified position by reposting the league statement with their own, highlighting sadness at the “huge loss of life following last weekend’s attacks on Israel”.

The west London club added: “We stand with the Jewish community in London and around the world in the face of the rising tide of antisemitism, which we have long campaigned against.”

It was the lack of recognition of antisemitic undertones to the Hamas rampage that angered Rabbi Alex Goldberg.

He resigned as the Football Association’s Faith in Football group chair after the governing body failed to specifically honour the “victims of the worst single atrocity committed against Jewish targets since the Shoah” – the Hebrew word for the Holocaust.

Please use Chrome browser for a more accessible video player

‘I’ve resigned because the FA failed’

Rabbi Goldberg told Sky News: “There’s no moral equivalence. There’s acts of violence that have led again into war.”

Those concerns were shared by Lord Mann, the government’s independent anti-racism adviser, after the FA failed to light the Wembley arch in the blue and white of Israel.

He said the inconsistency with commemorations of terror attacks from Turkey to France and Belgium politicised the FA.

Lord Mann told Sky News: “British citizens were murdered in Israel by Hamas terrorists and they’ve chosen not to recognise it and I find that depressingly sad.

“And there’s a lot of anger out there in the Jewish community and the message is Jews don’t count in football.”

But the FA has had to navigate the complexities of issuing a public statement on enmity far removed from football while seemingly avoiding offence.

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They will be keenly aware many Premier League players have shown solidarity very visibly with the Palestinian cause against Israel’s military might – with resulting club unease.

They will be aware of the backlash felt by Arsenal and Ukraine player Oleksandr Zinchenko for backing Israel after the Hamas slaughter – recognising the struggle his homeland has defending territory.

And it is English football throwing its full corporate support behind Ukraine against Russia last year that has left it compromised with a more delicate, cautious position on the Israel-Hamas war.

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Israel-Gaza misinformation

Football cannot resist being political when the power of its platform and societal benefits can be extolled.

Until it becomes too challenging and fraught.

When you talk up football’s ability to end wars and heal societies then go silent for a week after such trauma, the eventual response can expose the timidity of leaders – appearing deficient and ultimately more divisive.

SNP to seek Scottish independence talks even if party loses 20 MPs at next general election | Politics News

SNP leader Humza Yousaf has rejected suggestions it would be “ludicrous” for his party to open formal independence negotiations, even if he loses 20 seats at the next general election. 

Ahead of the SNP’s annual conference, Mr Yousaf also told Sky News it is difficult for his party to make progress “the longer” the major police investigation examining its funding and finances continues.

The SNP’s independence strategy has chopped and changed in the past 12 months as the party became engulfed in unprecedented scandal.

Nicola Sturgeon previously pledged to turn the next general election into a “de facto” referendum. She suggested winning more than 50% of the votes in Scotland would be the same as a result to begin talks over Scotland’s exit from the UK.

Ms Sturgeon quit as leader in February before being arrested as part of the police probe. She was released without charge and insists she is “certain” she has done nothing wrong.

Her replacement, Mr Yousaf, later proposed that winning “most” seats in 2024 would open the door to Downing Street negotiations.

It has now been suggested SNP activists could vote at their Aberdeen conference this weekend to switch the wording to a “majority” of seats.

Mr Yousaf told Sky News he is “open” to the tweak, which would set the bar at 29 seats. The SNP secured 48 MPs in 2019.

During an interview in Glasgow, Scotland’s first minister was questioned whether it was credible to suggest a scenario where the nationalists secure just one more seat than Labour at the 2024 election, and that equating to a clear mandate to trigger independence discussions.

He was asked about a hypothetical situation where Labour could get 23 seats and the SNP drops from 48 seats to 24.

The first minister replied: “If you win the most seats, you tend to be the winner of the general election.

“If you are denying the Scottish people the choice over their own future then the next election, we can test that proposition. In a general election, the rules are pretty simple – those that win most seats, win the general election.”

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Humza Yousaf’s mother-in-law ‘trapped’ in Gaza

Mr Yousaf said he would seriously consider a switch to the majority of seats when party members finalise the plan on Sunday.

He added: “Let’s remember before the referendum in 2014 we were at six seats so actually that number will undoubtedly fluctuate election to election.”

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Police Scotland told Sky News that the SNP finance investigation – dubbed Operation Branchform – is continuing.

The Crown Office, the body which will decide whether or not to charge individuals, said it has received no complaints about the probe so far.

Mr Yousaf agreed the police probe has “hurt” the SNP.

He said: “Of course it has… the longer the police investigation goes on, then the more difficult it is going to be for the party.

“I respect the police has to take whatever time it feels necessary.”

‘Dangerous’ man inspired by Dunblane killer plotted ‘terrifying’ attack on school and police HQ disguised as officer | UK News

A “dangerous” man has been found guilty of planning a “terrifying” mass shooting on his former school – and a police headquarters.

Reed Wischhusen had a “macabre interest” in “infamous killers”, including the Dunblane gunman Thomas Hamilton and US mass shootings, and had built firearms and explosives to carry out the assault.

He planned to deliberately target 10 people he felt had wronged him in the attack, as well as shoot dead teachers and attack Avon and Somerset Police headquarters.

The 32-year-old Lidl warehouse worker wrote down his planned mass shootings – which he planned to carry out disguised as a police officer – in a 1,700 document he dubbed “revenge”, Bristol Crown Court heard.

A photo of Wischhusen dressed in a police uniform and holding a gun was later discovered to be the background image on his phone.

Reed Wischhusen. Pic: Avon and Somerset Police
Reed Wischhusen will be sentenced on 15 December. Pic: Avon and Somerset Police

After receiving a tip-off, police officers searched his home in Wick St Lawrence, Somerset, in November last year and found he had compiled an armoury of homemade weapons including pistols, sub-machine guns and a shotgun, as well as ammunition, bombs, grenades and poison.

Wischhusen attempted to shoot himself in the head with a concealed pistol in his bathroom during the police search of his home, before running downstairs with the gun to confront armed officers.

Fearing they were going to be killed, the defendant was shot twice by officers and he spent several months recovering in hospital.

Following a 10-day trial, a jury found the defendant guilty of having an explosive substance with intent to endanger life, possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life, possessing ammunition with intent to endanger life and possessing a prohibited firearm without a certificate.

He had previously admitted possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence, possessing a prohibited firearm and possessing ammunition without a firearm certificate.

Judge Martin Picton had earlier directed the jury to find the defendant guilty of an eighth charge of having an explosive substance.

He adjourned the case until 15 December for sentencing and remanded Wischhusen into custody until then.

Wischhusen told jurors during his trial he had no intention of carrying out his plot, saying: “It was a psychological release and feelings like I am getting back at people.

“It’s why people write their feelings down and tear it up and throw it away – just I forgot to throw it away.”

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But Detective Chief Inspector Simon Dewfall, who led the investigation, said: “Reed Wischhusen’s plans are terrifying. Had he not been caught when he was, the consequences simply do not bear thinking about.

“He claimed his plans were merely fantasy but it’s clear he was actively working towards acting on them, with many of the items he identified as needing for his attacks recovered from his address.

“He had explosive substances and firearms capable of causing lethal harm while, chillingly, he also had Avon and Somerset Police uniform.

“While the weapons he built were crudely constructed, they were extremely dangerous.

“Among those he admitted handing in during a firearms amnesty was a fully operational sub-machine gun, which was loaded with ammunition.

“Incidents of this nature are thankfully few and far between, but when they do happen our officers are ready to respond to them.”

He added: “It is because of their courage and dedication that a dangerous man has been brought to justice.”

Israel-Gaza war: ‘Highly likely’ hostages held by Hamas include Britons, says Defence Secretary Grant Shapps | Politics News

Britons are “highly likely” to be among those held by Hamas in Gaza, Defence Secretary Grant Shapps has told Sky News.

The cabinet minister revealed the UK had also sent additional intelligence personnel to the region as part of efforts to release those captured or assist citizens trapped in the besieged enclave.

His comments came just before Hamas claimed Israel’s bombardment of the Gaza Strip had killed 13 hostages, including foreigners, held by the group.

The UK is sending RAF aircraft and Royal Navy ships to the eastern Mediterranean to support Israel and “send a signal” to the wider region in the wake of the surprise attack by militants on Saturday, which has unleashed a conflict that has already claimed at least 2,700 lives.

Pressed over whether UK citizens were among those kidnapped by insurgents and held in Gaza, Mr Shapps said: “It seems very likely that there are. We don’t have exact data on that for obvious reasons.

“But within Gaza, there will also be Brits, or possibly people with dual nationalities as well.

“The prime minister has spoken to the Egyptian president about using that border to get people out.

“The situation is far from clear.

“It’s one of the reasons, as I mentioned before, we’ve sent additional personnel, intelligence personnel, in order to assist with exactly those types of operations.”

Mr Shapps added: “It is highly likely – no one will know for sure – that there are… either British nationals or people with a joint nationality involved in the hostage situation that has been reported previously.”

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Gaza hospitals ‘risk turning into morgues’

Shapps defends ‘substantial’ UK support

To date, at least 1,300 Israelis have died while 1,417 Palestinians, including 447 children, have been killed in retaliatory strikes in Gaza – where electricity, water and fuel have been cut off.

The Foreign Office said flights have been organised to get British nationals out of Israel, with the first plane for “vulnerable” people expected to depart today.

The military force being deployed by the UK to the region includes P8 surveillance aircraft, two Royal Navy ships – Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) vessels Lyme Bay and Argus – three Merlin helicopters and a company of Royal Marines.

Critics have highlighted the UK force will be a token gesture compared to the support provided by the US.

But Mr Shapps said: “We do in fact have warships in the region if we needed to, but we don’t want to escalate the situation.

“What we want to do is assist and by working with our friends and allies.

“That is exactly what this is intended to do.

“We are also… thickening or bolstering our intelligence gathering with people on the ground throughout the region as well.

“So our input is actually quite substantial and working in hand-in-glove with our allies and particularly the Americans in this case.”

He went on: “It’s intelligence, surveillance and really a signal to the wider region and perhaps those actors who might now try to exploit this terrorist, Hamas situation.”

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Gaza ground offensive will be ‘high-risk’ for Israel

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Sky News visits site of music festival massacre

‘Israel is doing all it can to warn people’

Mr Shapps also insisted Israel had the right to defend itself when questioned over the evacuation order for more than a million Palestinians to move to the south of Gaza in the next 24 hours, in the face of a possible ground offensive.

He said: “Israel, unlike Hamas – who again, and I saw this at NATO where we had a full briefing on what happened, including seeing some very distressing video of Hamas beheading people, murdering people, showing off the bodies and dragging them through the street, raping people – unlike that terrorist organisation, Israel is doing all it can to provide advance notice and warning in order that they can go after those terrorists who carried out those actions, and by the way have taken hostages as well.

“Hamas can bring all of this to an end, they can release the hostages, they can recognise not just Israel, [but also] remove from their founding charter the principle of eradicating all Jews from the Earth.”

He added: “Israel on the other hand has the perfect right to defend itself. It is doing that in a manner which is giving people warning in advance when they are going to go after areas.”

At home, the government also announced it would provide an extra £3m in funding to bolster security at Jewish schools following reports some had been forced to close over fears of the safety of pupils.

Prince William given Blue Peter badge for launching Earthshot Prize | UK News

Prince William has been given a Blue Peter badge for launching a prize that finds environmental solutions to help repair the planet.

The Prince of Wales will receive his green badge from Blue Peter presenter Joel Mawhinney during the 65th birthday special episode of the long-running CBBC children’s programme on Friday.

Previous recipients of the badge include naturalists Sir David Attenborough and Chris Packham as well as climate campaigner Greta Thunberg and The Last Of Us star Bella Ramsey.

Prince William launched his Earthshot Prize in 2021 to discover and scale up green technology with the winners in five categories – also known as Earthshots – receiving £1m each to develop their ideas.

He has also written the foreword to a children’s book, called The Earthshot Prize: A Handbook For Dreamers And Thinkers: Solutions To Repair Our Planet, which was published on Thursday.

Co-authored by Jonnie Hughes and Colin Butfield, it aims to inspire young people to develop their own ideas to help the Earth.

Gold Blue Peter badges – the programme’s highest award – were presented to the King and Queen ahead of Eurovision this year, and the current Prince and Princess of Wales were recipients of the same honour in 2017.

While receiving his latest badge, William will help Mawhinney show off a wall featuring drawings and letters sent in by viewers themed around nature and the environment.

Mawhinney, who is also a magician, will also show the Prince of Wales a card trick.

During the Blue Peter 65th birthday special, footballer turned pundit Alex Scott, Match Of The Day host Gary Lineker, former Paralympian Ellie Simmonds and fitness instructor Joe Wicks will also celebrate the founding of the show.

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Pic: BBC/Andy Parsons/Kensington Palace
Prince William with Joel Mawhinney. Pic: BBC/Andy Parsons/Kensington Palace

A happy birthday Blue Peter message will be featured on the BT Tower in London and former presenters Matt Baker, Lindsey Russell and Radzi Chinyanganya will make an appearance in the Salford studio.

Other celebrations this year include a new book badge designed by Sir Quentin Blake, best known for his lengthy collaboration with Roald Dahl, and a collaboration with science fiction series Doctor Who that will see 500 fans receive a winners’ badge next month.

The BBC said Monday is the date of the 65th anniversary of the first broadcast of the programme and this year also marks the 60th birthday of the Blue Peter badges which were introduced in June 1963.

Other badges include book, blue, sport silver, green, purple, orange, gold and music.

The episode with William will be shown at 5pm on Friday on CBBC and BBC iPlayer.