Prepared for a life in service by the parents they loved – but still just siblings lost in grief | UK News

They’ve all talked about how the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh taught them well to cope with a public life of service – being involved in military processions has been such a regular part of all their lives.

But even the King, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward must have had to find composure amidst their personal grief and rally themselves for what was to come.

Firstly we saw it as the new King was reunited with the Queen outside Holyroodhouse, the moment his mother’s coffin left her official residence in Scotland for one final time.

King Charles paused before beginning the slow march behind her, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with his siblings.

He may carry the heaviest burden of responsibility, but they all share the sense of sadness.

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A family in silent remembrance

And then the vigil: Heads bowed around the coffin. A time for the four to quietly remember.

They appeared lost in thought, as members of the public were still allowed to stream past to pay their own respects inside St Giles’ Cathedral.

While it was another day with moments to pause, it was also a reminder of the relentless schedule the new King is keeping.

On Tuesday, he moves to Northern Ireland, the cameras moving with him, as he hopes to carry the largely positive public response with him every step of the way.