Silverburn Shopping Centre’s dog-friendly scheme in Glasgow to end after ‘low uptake’ and complaints about mess | UK News

A dog-friendly scheme is to come to an end at a Glasgow shopping centre following complaints pets were defecating and urinating in the mall.

Silverburn Shopping Centre, on the south side of the city, announced it would be opening its doors to dogs back in October.

The “inclusive” policy was introduced in response to a rise in dog ownership.

Water bowls and waste bag stations had been placed around the complex. However, a number of visitors reported seeing dog mess being left behind by some owners.

‘Absolutely disgusting’

On the Crookston and Pollok community Facebook page, Kathleen Richards said she spotted dog faeces in the food court on her way to work.

She said the mess had not been cleaned up.

She added: “Absolutely disgusting. Had to find security to let them know.”

Another customer reported dog urine on a clothes rail, while Dawn Andrews added: “The thought of them slobbering and rubbing themselves about clothes I may want to try on is just not appealing.”

Shopper Murray Johnstone also described seeing a dog in distress after doing the toilet in the centre.

He noted: “[The dog] clearly wasn’t comfortable and [wanted] to be outside.”

On Wednesday, the centre announced the end of the trial following a review of feedback from customers and retailers.

A spokesperson said the news would be “disappointing” for those that have enjoyed taking their dogs, but added: “However, the comfort of our human guests and our retailers must be the priority.”

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‘Well done Silverburn for trying it all out’

In response to the centre’s Facebook post, one woman said her sister-in-law, who has Down’s syndrome, hadn’t been shopping since the scheme was introduced as she was “terrified of dogs”.

However, Marie Mabon praised the mall for trying the scheme out in the first place.

She said: “Well done Silverburn for trying it all out. But it didn’t work, so well done for making the decision to stop.”

The scheme is to be phased out over the next few weeks.

A statement on Silverburn’s website said: “Following a full review of customer and store feedback, we can confirm that our dog-friendly trial won’t be continued.

“We found that many of our guests don’t want the centre to be accessible to dogs for a variety of reasons, and we also had low uptake from our stores, with only a quarter participating in the trial.

“For that reason, dog-friendly shopping will no longer be in operation at Silverburn and we therefore ask that dog owners leave their pet at home when next visiting Silverburn.”

Assistance dogs will continue to be allowed in the venue.