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UK weather: Heatwave ‘likely’ to hit parts of country next week with highs of 30C forecast | UK News

A heatwave is expected to grip parts of the UK next week with temperatures topping 30C.

High pressure will dominate throughout this weekend and into the week, bringing balmy conditions for many just days after the meteorological summer drew a close.

And parts of England and Wales could even see the highest temperature since 7 July, if predicted highs are met.

It will likely give Britons a final chance to rush to beaches and dust down their BBQs after the mixed conditions through much of July and August.

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But Sky News weather producer Joanna Robinson warned a “thundery breakdown” could bring a stormy conclusion to the week.

She said: “We’re now into the meteorological autumn, but it’ll be more like summer next week, typically as the majority of schools return.

“High pressure will dominate the weather this weekend and into next week, with a southerly flow developing, allowing temperatures to rise.

“It will become very warm, even hot in places.”

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Southern parts can expect the highest temperatures, perhaps reaching 30C around the middle of the week, Ms Robinson said, which would be the warmest temperature recorded since early July when 30.2C was felt in Chertsey.

Temperatures further north are expected “to peak in the mid to high twenties”.

Ms Robinson said: “It will also be warm at night.

“Heatwave criteria is likely to be met in places, but a thundery breakdown is forecast for the end of the week.”

An official heatwave is “when a location records a period of at least three consecutive days with daily maximum temperatures meeting or exceeding the heatwave temperature threshold”, according to the Met Office. This threshold varies by each UK county.

It comes as the Met Office said this summer, dominated by warm and wet conditions, was provisionally Britain’s eighth-warmest summer since 1884.

This was mainly attributed to record-breaking temperatures in June.

But the Met Office noted it was a summer of mixed conditions, with it also being wetter than on average.

The average mean temperature for the UK during the season was 15.4C, around 0.8C warmer than average, though July and August’s respective average temperatures were generally closer to average, they said.

Met Office senior scientist Mike Kendon said: “The lion’s share of fine and settled weather in summer 2023 for the UK occurred in June, when high pressure was widely established, bringing many dry days of warm summer sunshine.

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“After that, however, the jet stream shifted much further to the south, with low pressure systems often bringing rather wet and windy conditions to the UK through much of July and August.”

The season’s temperature figures “are influenced by how significantly hot June was”, but the result is that summer 2023 will go down as a warm and wet one for the UK, with plenty of rainfall in the second half of the season, Mr Kendon noted.

UK weather: Heavy rain to drench UK before temperatures soar to 30C next week | UK News

The UK will be drenched in heavy rain next week but the deluge could give way to temperatures of 30C, according to the Met Office.

A yellow rain warning has been issued for northern England and Wales on Monday, with risks of flooding and disruption to infrastructure and transport.

However, once the rain subsides temperatures are set to soar in parts of the country, with southern England reaching 30C by the weekend – higher than the 26C predicted in Los Angeles.

UK weather: The latest Sky News forecast

Met Office forecaster Greg Dewhurst said the warning runs through the early hours of Monday morning and into the evening, ending at 9pm.

He said temperatures should remain between 18-23C, before becoming drier on Tuesday.

“Temperatures overall similar to the last couple of days really. So, jumping between 18 and 23C so overall an unsettled day,” he said.

“The good news is that low pressure moves out of the way as we go into Tuesday, so it should be a drier day on Tuesday.

“A better chance of seeing some sunny spells particularly across eastern parts of the UK.”

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File photo dated 10/08/23 of people enjoying the sun on Paignton beach in Torbay. Tropical air could make parts of the UK hotter than California at the end of next week with temperatures possibly soaring past 30C, after heavy rain lashes the country. Issue date: Saturday August 12, 2023.
Paignton beach in Torbay

Temperatures could begin to soar

He said temperatures could then start to soar in southern parts of the UK as the week progresses.

“An area of low pressure to the west of the UK and the Atlantic slowly starts to move towards us,” he said.

“What that allows to happen is for the winds to turn southerly, and we start to import some higher temperatures from the near continent.

“So, staying into Friday, we’re likely to see those temperatures rising, potentially getting towards the high 20s and then possibly by Friday and into the weekend, depending on cloud and shower distribution, we could locally see temperatures around 30C by the weekend.”

It comes after the UK experienced its sixth-wettest July on record, with flooding and strong gusts from Storm Antoni bringing a miserable start to August.

UK weather: Parts of UK could be hotter than California next week with temperatures soaring past 30C | UK News

Tropical air could cause temperatures to soar past 30C in parts of the UK, making it hotter than California by the end of the week, after heavy rain lashes the country.

High pressure is set to build from the middle of next week, meaning southeast England could reach 32C on Friday, according to the Met Office – higher than the 26C predicted in Los Angeles.

However, it will come after most of the country is inundated by heavy and persistent rain from Sunday evening into Monday.

A weather warning could be imposed on parts of north Wales, with two inches of rain set to fall on Monday – about half a month’s worth for the area.

It comes after the UK experienced its sixth-wettest July on record, with flooding and strong gusts from Storm Antoni bringing a miserable start to August.

UK weather: The latest Sky News forecast

Met Office forecaster Dan Stroud said: “We are looking at the possibility of reaching the low 30s later in the week, most likely on Friday, probably in and around London, running into East Anglia and other parts of the south and east.

“We’ve got low pressure dominating at the moment, that will eventually give way to another area of heavy rain and cloud which will move up from the south and west into Monday, which will be a miserable and wet day across England and Wales.

“Beyond that, there are tentative signs of an improvement, gradually losing that showery signal during Tuesday and Wednesday, and temperatures will start to climb.

“We’ve got high pressure building from the middle of the week and that will tap into some tropical continental air, which will draw up some very warm, locally hot air that will allow temperatures to climb steadily.

“By the time we get into Friday and maybe into Saturday we stand a chance of breaking into the 30s.”

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People enjoy the warm weather at Camber Sands in East Sussex. Picture date: Thursday August 10, 2023.
Camber Sands in East Sussex

Much of England and Wales set to surpass 25C

Temperatures could also climb in other parts of the country on Friday, with much of England and Wales set to surpass 25C, while Scotland and Northern Ireland could reach the low-to-mid 20s.

Many areas will be dry with sunny spells during the warm period, according to the Met Office, though there may be outbreaks of thunder showers.

But Mr Stroud said the heat will be short-lived as low pressure will move back in, causing more unsettled conditions next weekend.