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Family ‘absolutely devastated’ over death of David McGuinness after ‘disturbance’ in Stonehaven | UK News

The family of a father-of-four have said they are “absolutely devastated” after he died following an alleged disturbance in Aberdeenshire.

Emergency services were called to the Broomhill Road area of Stonehaven at around 10.40am on Tuesday.

David McGuinness, 30, from Inverurie, was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead a short time later.

In a statement released through Police Scotland, his family said: “David was a much-loved son, partner, brother, uncle and doting father to his four young children.

“He will be sorely missed every day by all who knew him.

“The family are absolutely devastated by what has happened and would like privacy at this difficult time.”

A 50-year-old man has been arrested and charged with assault in connection with the incident.

He is due to appear at Aberdeen Sheriff Court on Thursday.

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Detective Inspector James Callander said: “Our thoughts are with the family and friends of David at this difficult time.

“The family have asked for privacy while they come to terms with this loss.”

Lyra McKee mural in Florida vandalised with ‘absolutely disgusting’ anti-LGBTQ graffiti | UK News

A mural dedicated to murdered journalist Lyra McKee has been vandalised in the US state of Florida.

A swastika, a target and anti-LGBTQ+ graffiti have been spray-painted on the mural of the Zebra Youth Organisation, which supports LGBTQ+ youth.

Ms McKee died after being hit by a bullet during rioting in the Creggan area of Londonderry on 18 April 2019, with dissident republican group the New IRA linked to the killing.

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The incident sparked revulsion and condemnation across the world.

A mural was unveiled to Ms McKee in Orlando, a city she spoke about visiting in 2017, a year after a gunman opened fire at a gay nightclub in the city, killing 49 people.

Orlando’s council also passed a resolution offering sympathy of the people of the city to Ms McKee’s loved ones.

Member of the Florida House of Representatives Anna Vishkaee Eskamani described the graffiti in a social media post as “absolutely disgusting”.

“Will do what we can to identify who did this and hold them accountable,” she posted on the social media website X, formerly known as Twitter.

The mural was cleaned up by volunteers with Zebra Youth.

In a post on social media, Zebra Youth said: “Today Zebra Youth and LGBT+ Center Orlando – The Center’s beautiful murals were vandalized with hateful homophobic and transphobic messages and n*zi symbols.

“We are working with the Orlando Police Department to identify and prosecute this horrible hate crime.

“We appreciate all of the community support and are doing everything to ensure the safety of our youth and staff.

“We will not allow hate to win.”

Undated handout photo issued by Chiho Tang/Oranga Creative of Lyra McKee. the copyright holder. A 52 year old man charged with the murder of the journalist will appear Londonderry Magistrates' Court on Thursday.

The vandalism comes months after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed four bills restricting LGBTQ+ rights in the state.

One of the bills bars trans people from using the public facilities that align with their gender identities. Another restricts drag performances in front of children.

Meanwhile, Florida teachers have said they have removed books from their classrooms and decided not to form LGBTQ+ clubs as a result of what critics have called the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” law.

The law bans instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity “in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards”.

‘Absolutely shell-shocked’ parents carry limping girl away from Wimbledon school crash scene | UK News

The parents of a girl seen limping after a Land Rover crashed into a school in Wimbledon looked “absolutely shell-shocked”.

Seven children and two adults were injured in the crash – with one child seen by the Sky News team on the scene being carried away with a cut to her leg.

Wimbledon school crash – latest

Sky News’ Jacquie Beltrao said a police officer told her “an out of control vehicle” was involved in what police have described as a “serious collision” at The Study Preparatory School on Camp Road, in Wimbledon.

“We have certainly seen one child walk out of here limping, carried by both of her parents supporting her,” she said.

“They looked absolutely shell-shocked, and couldn’t speak. I just said: ‘Are you okay?’ And her dad nodded his head.

“The child couldn’t speak at all.

“They couldn’t tell us what had happened.

“He shook his head again – looked absolutely shocked.”

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Beltrao said the small private girls’ school is set in a “beautiful location” overlooking the Wimbledon Common and a golf course.

“It is not what you expect to happen round here,” she said.

“It’s nowhere near a main road, it’s right in the middle of Wimbledon Common, just a mile or so away from the tennis.”

She described a “massive” response with at least 20 ambulances, an air ambulance and firefighters at the scene.

‘Absolutely disgusting’: Life insurance firm uses picture of serial killer Harold Shipman in advert | UK News

A life insurance firm has been criticised after running an advert featuring Harold Shipman.

DeadHappy, a Leicester-based firm with a reputation for shocking adverts, used a picture of the serial killer alongside the text “Life insurance: Because you never know who your doctor might be.”

The commercial, which was run on social media, was branded “tasteless” and “disgusting” online.

Shipman, who worked as a GP for decades, was convicted of 15 murders in 1998 but is suspected to have potentially killed as many as 250 people between 1975 and 1998.

He hanged himself in prison in 2004.

Kathryn Knowles, founder of insurance broker Cura, said on Twitter she would report the “absolutely disgusting” advert to the Financial Conduct Authority and the advertising watchdog.

She said: “There is a firm that is promoting life insurance using the picture of a mass murderer to promote their services.

“I will name neither as I won’t give them the satisfaction of popping up in more search results. Please know that many of us in insurance find this beyond despicable.

Ms Knowles added: “I would hope the FCA and ASA would would take action on this. I would like to lodge a formal complaint to both over this advert and will provide a copy to them.”

A family member of one of the victims did see the advert and said: “As someone who’s relative was murdered by Harold Shipman, your latest advert utilising his image is despicable and unacceptable.

“I hope you enjoy yet another judgement from ASA and change your practices.”

In a statement, the firm’s founder Andy Knott said: “We are called DeadHappy and our strapline is ‘Life insurance to die for’ so we are aware of the provocative and to some the very shocking nature of our brand.

“But being provocative is different to being offensive and it is of course never our intention to offend or upset people. It is our intention to make people stop and think.

“If however you have been personally distressed by this advert we do sincerely apologise.”

Kate Winslet says hearing mother’s £17k energy bill struggles ‘absolutely destroyed’ her – and she had to help | UK News

Kate Winslet has said it “absolutely destroyed” her to hear about a woman who was facing a £17,000 energy bill just to keep her daughter alive, and felt she had no other option but to help.

Carolynne Hunter’s 12-year-old daughter Freya has severe complex health problems and disabilities, is non-verbal and blind and requires full-time oxygen and at-home nursing care.

Ms Hunter, 49, from Tillicoultry, Scotland, launched an appeal on GoFundMe last month to help pay for the rising costs of the equipment that keeps Freya alive, such as a machine monitoring her oxygen and heart rate.

Days into the campaign, which had a £20,000 goal, a donation of £17,000 marked “Kate Winslet and family” was paid to the fundraiser, which has been confirmed to have come from the actress.

The Titanic star, 47, has now said she felt she had to do something when she heard Ms Hunter was “going to have to put her child into care because she could not afford her electricity bills” and it “absolutely destroyed her”.

“I thought, on what planet is anyone going to let that happen? This is completely, completely wrong,” she told the BBC’s Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg.

“It was just wrong to me that this woman was going to suffer and that she should have been in any way as a mother forced to make such a heartbreaking decision because she simply didn’t have the support and couldn’t pay the bills.

“I just couldn’t let that happen.”

Freya has severe complex health problems and disabilities, is non-verbal and blind and requires full-time oxygen and at-home nursing care. Pic: GoFundMe
Freya has severe complex health problems and disabilities, is non-verbal and blind and requires full-time oxygen and at-home nursing care. Pic: GoFundMe

On her GoFundMe page, Ms Hunter disclosed she had “no way of reducing” the energy in her home due to her daughter’s needs, and faced a predicted annual fuel bill of £17,000 in January 2023 – up from just over £9,000 in October this year.

In August, Ms Hunter said she was in fear of the winter months.

“Our families are going to suffer, there’s going to be a mass crisis for the NHS and social care and children will die if their families are not able to pay for it,” she told PA news agency.

Prime Minister’s Questions: Rishi Sunak says it is ‘absolutely right’ Gavin Williamson resigned – and admits ‘regret’ over appointment | Politics News

Rishi Sunak has said it is “absolutely right” that Sir Gavin Williamson resigned and admitted he has “regret” over appointing him as a cabinet minister in light of the allegations he is facing.

The prime minister insisted he “did not know about any of the specific concerns” relating to Sir Gavin’s alleged “unacceptable” behaviour in his former positions.

His comments came after Sir Keir Starmer probed the prime minister on the allegation that Sir Gavin told a civil servant to slit their throat.

Nurses told there isn’t ‘any point’ in them going on strike – Politics latest

“How does the prime minister think the victim of that bullying felt when he expressed great sadness at his resignation?” the Labour leader asked.

Mr Sunak replied: “Unequivocally, the behaviour complained of was unacceptable and it is absolutely right, it is absolutely right, that the right honourable gentleman has resigned.

“For the record, I did not know about any of the specific concerns relating to his conduct as secretary of state or chief whip, which date back some years.

“I believe that people in public life should treat others with consideration and respect, and those are the principles that this government will stand by.”

Sir Keir later referred to Sir Gavin as “a sad middle manager getting off on intimidating those beneath him” and a “cartoon bully with a pet spider”.

Calling the prime minister “so weak” for not removing Sir Gavin from his post, the Labour leader continued: “What message does he think it sends when rather than take on the bullies, he lines up alongside and thanks them for their loyalty?” Sir Keir said.

Mr Sunak replied: “I obviously regret appointing someone who has had to resign in these circumstances but I think what the British people would like to know is that when situations like this arise that they will be dealt with properly.

“And that’s why it is absolutely right that he resigned and it’s why it is absolutely right that there is an investigation to look into these matters properly. I said my government will be characterised by integrity, professionalism, and accountability and it will.”

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‘Do you regret appointing Gavin Williamson?’

Sir Gavin’s departure on Tuesday evening came shortly after an ex-civil servant – who claimed the MP told them to “slit your throat” – made a formal complaint.

A Number 10 source told Sky News it was Sir Gavin’s decision to resign following further allegations being made against him.

He is understood to have spoken to the PM in the early evening to offer his resignation.

In his resignation letter, the former cabinet minister vowed to clear his name of wrongdoing – and said he “refutes the characterisation of these claims”.

“I recognise these are becoming a distraction for the good work this government is doing,” Sir Gavin wrote to Mr Sunak.

Accepting the resignation “with great sadness”, Mr Sunak told Sir Gavin: “I would like to thank you for your personal support and loyalty.”

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Sir Gavin – who had already been sacked by Theresa May and Boris Johnson – has also been accused of sending expletive-laden messages to former chief whip Wendy Morton where he complained about being refused an invitation to the Queen’s funeral.

He was also the subject of claims he bullied a former official at the Ministry of Defence and engaged in “unethical and immoral” behaviour while he was chief whip.

Late last night, Sir Gavin said he would not be taking severance pay, tweeting: “This is taxpayers’ money and it should go instead toward the government’s priorities like reducing the NHS’s waiting lists.”

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Williamson vows to clear his name

Senior Tory MPs have alleged to Sky News that Sir Gavin “has been bullying for most of his career” and that his behaviour has “always been well known”.

One senior Tory MP, who was in cabinet with Sir Gavin, told Sky News: “He’s a bully, no two ways about it, it’s well known, it’s always been well known.

“His only talent is bullying. It was a mistake for Rishi to give him a job.”

The senior MP also claimed Sir Gavin, who was chief whip under Mrs May, “modelled his whipping style” on US drama House of Cards.

Another senior Tory MP was even more disparaging of Sir Gavin, calling him “an absolute little sh***” who “should never have been allowed in government”.

The MP called his appointment to Mr Sunak’s cabinet “beyond the pale”, adding: “I’d be surprised if the Cabinet Office didn’t warn the PM there would be a dim view taken if he was given a job.

“I have no idea on earth why anyone would employ him, he’s been bullying for most of his career.

“The spider in the box, the idea he’s got something over somebody… it astonished us all when he got into cabinet.”

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Williamson ‘did right thing’ in resigning

The MP went on: “Thoroughly incompetent, thoroughly pathetic. He’s a nasty piece of work, who adds no value whatsoever. Rishi thinks he owes him, he doesn’t. If Gavin Williamson is the answer I don’t know what the hell the question is.”

Sky News has approached Sir Gavin for comment.

The PM’s press secretary said it would be a question for the Forfeiture Committee whether Sir Gavin should be stripped of his knighthood.

Sir Gavin’s third stint in the cabinet was by far his shortest, having made his return to the government only two weeks ago, when Mr Sunak appointed him as a minister without portfolio in the Cabinet Office.