Kirstie Allsopp’s father, Baron Hindlip, dies aged 83 | UK News

Kirstie Allsopp has paid tribute to her father after he died on Wednesday evening.

Former Christie’s auction house chairman and businessman Charles Henry Allsopp, the sixth Baron Hindlip, passed away at his home “surrounded by love, flowers and photographs” at the age of 83.

His daughter Kirstie – presenter of Location, Location, Location – shared a picture of her father on Instagram on Friday morning.

She wrote: “This is my Dad, Charlie Hindlip, he was a great auctioneer, the best of his generation, an artist, a gardener, a father of four, and grandfather of eight, a loving husband to a wife he lost too soon.

“He was a real star, he worked hard, played hard and went further than anyone ever expected.

“He died at home yesterday, surrounded by love, flowers and photographs, in a house he built, looking out over a stunning garden he created from scratch.

“I have been so proud to be his daughter all my life, and will be until the day I die. Bless you Dad, we loved you so much.”

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Baron Hindlip was born in 1940 and was educated at Eton College before joining the British Army in 1959, serving in the Coldstream Guards for three years.

He subsequently joined Christie’s where he worked in New York as general manager before returning to London where he was director of Christie, Manson & Woods from 1970, deputy chairman from 1985 and chairman from 1986 to 1996, when he took over as chairman of Christie’s International until 2002.

The baron, whose wife died in 2014, is survived by four children: Kirstie, Sofie, Natasha and Henry.