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General election: Sir Keir Starmer to tell voters ‘I will fight for you’ in first major campaign speech | Politics News

Sir Keir Starmer will use his first major speech of the election campaign to tell voters: “I will fight for you.”

The Labour leader will say he recognises many people have not yet decided how they will vote on 4 July despite being “fed up with the failure, chaos and division of the Tories”.

He will admit many “still have questions about us” and will be asking whether Labour has “changed enough” and if they can be trusted with the economy, immigration and security.

“My answer is yes you can – because I have changed this party. Permanently,” he will say.

“This has been my driving mission since day one. I was determined to change Labour so that it could serve the British people.”

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Sir Keir will accuse Rishi Sunak of governing to appease sections of the Tory party, not for the whole country.

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Sir Keir Starmer stopped for a cuppa while campaigning in the West Midlands on 25 May. Pic: PA
Security will take centre stage of the election campaign. Pic: PA

He will put security at the heart of his speech as the prime minister seeks to get one up on Labour after announcing a new national service programme for 18-year-olds.

Sir Keir will say Labour has changed under him and is ready to meet the “core tests” the British people set for government – economic security, border security and national security.

“Make no mistake, if the British people give us the opportunity to serve, then this is their core test. It is always their core test,” he is set to say.

“I haven’t worked for four years on this, just to stop now. This is the foundation, the bedrock that our manifesto and our first steps will be built upon.”

Ahead of his speech, in southeast England, Sir Keir released a video featuring his childhood home and pictures of his parents, revealing his family were hard up at times and had their telephone cut off.

Appealing to people struggling through the cost of living crisis, he says he knows what they are going through and knows what it is like to struggle to make ends meet.

“I grew up working class, I’ve been fighting all my life and I won’t stop now,” he says in the video.

During his speech today, he will also emphasise how he has fought to change the Labour Party since becoming leader.

He will say: “There are always people who say, don’t do that, don’t go so fast.

“But whenever I face a fork in the road, it always comes back to this: the golden thread: country first, party second.”

He will also say the policies his party are putting forward are “a new path for our country, a plan that will turn the page, deliver stability and change”.

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Echoing his shadow chancellor, Rachel Reeves, he will also say all their policies are “deliverable, fully-funded and ready to go”.

“A clear direction, not the endless spinning around that successive Conservative governments have subjected our country to,” he will conclude.

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Sunak defends wet election announcement

Reacting to the speech, Richard Holden, the Conservative Party chairman, said Sir Keir “doesn’t say anything” in it.

“Sir Keir Starmer has been Labour leader for four years but has failed to set out a clear plan to secure Britain’s future,” he said.

“All he has managed to achieve is to break the 10 promises he made when he ran for the leadership and create a £38.5bn black hole in his spending promises, meaning Labour would have to put up taxes by £2,094 on every hardworking family.

“The choice is clear: stick with the plan that is working and take bold action for a safer, more secure future with Rishi Sunak. Or, go back to square one with Sir Keir Starmer and the same old Labour Party.”

And they’re off… what has the first day of the election campaign told us? | Politics News

The political parties have been setting out their election campaigns, with voters going to the polls exactly six weeks from today.

On the Sky News Daily Niall Paterson speaks to deputy political editor Sam Coates who is following the prime minister on his campaign trail around the UK, visiting four nations in two days. He also chats with chief political correspondent Jon Craig about the launch of Labour’s campaign in Kent.

Plus, Sky’s online campaign correspondent Tom Cheshire tells Niall why the parties are spending big money online and whether it could affect the election outcome.

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Promotions Producer: Jada-Kai Meosa John
Editor: Wendy Parker

Mother whose abusive ex-partner broke her hand leads campaign to change law over access to children | UK News

When Michelle’s ex-partner broke her hand – she knew enough was enough.

A line had been crossed. The abuse was emotional, coercive, and now physical. Her, and their child’s safety, was now compromised.

Fearful, Michelle – not her real name – decided that any father-child contact should be supervised.

Michelle - not her real name - decided that any father-child contact should be supervised. 
Sky News correspondent Sabah Choudhry speaks to “Michelle”

Michelle’s ex-partner, however, wanted unsupervised contact with their child. He pushed back – and what followed was four years of court proceedings.

Michelle, and other campaigners like her, are calling on the government to end the presumption of contact between parents and their children.

On Monday, they will present a report to the government with recommendations to change the law.

Their main demand? To make parental contact earned – and not simply handed to abusers.

Currently, under British law, there is no blanket ban on an abusive adult having contact with their children.

Palace of Westminster / Houses of Parliament

According to the Children Act of 1989, there is a presumption of contact between parent and child when adults separate – to benefit the child.

However, according to Michelle, this isn’t always the case.

“The court system,” she told Sky News, “was as abusive as my ex-partner. It had an agenda to promote unsupervised contact at any cost, despite my medical and police evidence [of harm].”

“It felt to me, I was living in Victorian times, that my child belonged to my partner, and that I had to do what he wanted.

“It’s a very misogynistic system… that it doesn’t matter what the circumstances are – children will always have contact with their fathers.

“But it shouldn’t be at any cost…”

‘No parent is better than an abusive parent’

Dr Charlotte Proudman is leading the campaign.

Dr Charlotte Proudman, the barrister and founder of "Right to Equality"
Dr Charlotte Proudman, the barrister and founder of Right to Equality, is leading the campaign

The barrister and founder of the non-profit organisation Right to Equality told Sky News: “In my view, no parent is better than an abusive parent.

“Even if a parent is a rapist, a child sex offender, has been abusive, there is a presumption that they should have regular contact with their child, which can mean, in some instances, that a child is having unsafe contact with a dangerous parent.

“To argue against that can cost huge amounts of money and take a significant amount of time, even years.”

‘I shouldn’t be the exception… this should be standard’

This is something Conservative MP Kate Kniveton knows too well.

Conservative MP Kate Kniveton
Conservative MP Kate Kniveton won a landmark case against her former partner

She told Sky News that she suffered 10 years of abuse from her ex-husband – a former MP.

The family court made findings of rape and sexual abuse, which he denies.

Ms Kniverton won a landmark case against her former partner, which now means he is barred from direct contact with their child.

Therefore, she supports the recommendations to change the law, in order to protect both women and children.

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She said: “The result we got with my child was great… my child is protected.

“But I shouldn’t be the exception…This should be standard in so many cases.

“You hear that contact has been ordered even with the most abuse of power.

“It is so important that the government listen to this and they overturn that presumption to protect children.”

As of Friday, the government announced that paedophile rapists will have their rights to contact their own children automatically removed.

But this current campaign wants an end to the assumption that parents can contact their children even when they are guilty of domestic abuse, sexual abuse or child abuse.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice told Sky News: “Children’s safety is absolutely paramount and judges already have extensive powers to block parental involvement where there is a risk to the child.

“We are continuing to review the approach to parental access to make sure all children are kept from harm.”

Lissie Harper: Police officer’s widow honoured alongside famous faces after law change campaign | UK News

The widow of a police officer who was killed in the line of duty has been made an MBE, after campaigning for tougher laws in his memory.

Lissie Harper’s husband, Andrew Harper, a Thames Valley Police officer, died after getting caught in a strap attached to the back of a car and being dragged down a winding country road in Berkshire in 2019.

The couple had been married for just four weeks.

Mrs Harper successfully campaigned for Harper’s Law – which introduced mandatory life sentences for anyone who commits the manslaughter of an emergency worker while they are on duty.

She began to push for a change in the law when the three teenagers found guilty of her husband’s manslaughter were jailed for a total of 42 years after they were all acquitted of murder.

Henry Long, 19, was sentenced to 16 years and Jessie Cole and Albert Bowers, both 18, were handed 13 years in custody over PC Harper’s death.

Mrs Harper’s MBE recognises her services to victims of violent crime and their families.

Harper’s Law came into effect last June and applies to police and prison officers, as well as firefighters and paramedics.

Celebrities honoured at same Windsor Castle event

Actress Vicky McClure, best known for playing Detective Inspector Kate Fleming in the BBC series Line Of Duty, was also made an MBE for her services to drama and charity at the same Windsor Castle ceremony where Mrs Harper was honoured.

The Bafta-winning actress, 40, has been an ambassador for the Alzheimer’s Society since 2018 and has raised awareness around the disease through her creation of Our Dementia Choir.

Mrs Vicky McClure, Actor, is made a Member of the Order of the British Empire by  King Charles III at Windsor Castle, Berkshire. The honour recognises services to drama and to charity.   Picture date: Tuesday December 12, 2023. PA Photo. See PA story ROYAL Investiture. Photo credit should read: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire
Actress Vicky McClure is made a MBE by the King

Vicky McClure after being made a Member of the Order of the British Empire during an investiture ceremony at Windsor Castle
Vicky McClure after being made a Member of the Order of the British Empire

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant became a knight after being named on former prime minister Boris Johnson’s resignation honours lists.

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Next pulls ‘offensive’ Xmas jumper
Climate minister’s 6,000-mile trip for Rwanda vote

Sir Michael Fabricant, Member of Parliament for Lichfield, is made a Knight Bachelor by  King Charles III at Windsor Castle, Berkshire. The honour recognises political and public service. Picture date: Tuesday December 12, 2023. PA Photo. See PA story ROYAL Investiture. Photo credit should read: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire
MP Michael Fabricant is knighted

Fallon Sherrock, who became the first woman to win a match at the PDC World Darts Championship in 2019, was also made an MBE.

Northern Ireland footballer Jonny Evans, former England women’s rugby union captain Sarah Hunter, former England women’s footballer Eni Aluko, and former boxer Johnny Nelson were also awarded MBEs.

The devastating effects of fireworks on animals: A horse spooked to death and the campaign to change Bonfire Night | UK News

Pet owners are gearing up for a stressful time for both themselves and their animals as fireworks season begins.

With Bonfire Night and Diwali in October and November, followed not long afterwards by New Year’s Eve, there is little respite from the bangs and vibrations that can have devastating effects on animals.

Julie Doorne from Firework Campaign UK told Sky News that people suffer as well as pets.

Pet owners will avoid leaving their animals at home alone for months on end, or use up annual leave to take them away.

“People’s lives change” due to fireworks, she said.

The campaign wants an end to private fireworks. Ms Doorne says they’re not trying to cancel Bonfire Night or any other celebrations – but they want displays licenced and kept a certain distance from animals.

Jade, with Liberty and Emma after her fall

‘I will never see her again’

Liberty, an 18-year-old from Winterbourne, recently lost her horse Jade due to fireworks. Jade was Liberty’s therapy horse, who helped her with anxiety, and was a gift from her friend Emma.

“Jade taught me everything. My first canter, my first gallop, she gave me the confidence in everything,” Liberty said.

“She knew when I was upset. If she heard me cry she would stand over me. When I was feeling down she would nudge me. She knew when I was at my lowest.”

In October, Jade got spooked by a firework that was let off near the field she was in.

She ran and hurt her back legs in the process. Despite Liberty trying to get her up, it was clear she wasn’t going to.

“She tried but she didn’t have the strength and in the end, she gave up,” Liberty said.

Jade had to be put to sleep.

“My heart is ripped apart,” Liberty said. “She was my best friend and soulmate.

“I will always remember the lowest of my days when she wouldn’t leave my side… I have no words but heartache and tears.”

“I want the whole world to know that Jadey was my life.”

Liberty wants to see a ban on setting off fireworks around livestock.

Jade would have “been here today if it wasn’t for the firework,” she said. “I will never see her again.”

Nala the cocker spaniel, for story on how bonfire night affects animals. Pic: supplied
Nala gets very distressed around fireworks

‘Driving to the middle of the New Forest for quiet’

Rosemary, from Hampshire, has a 10-year-old horse called Rolo – and Nala, an 11-year-old working cocker spaniel.

To prepare Rolo for the fireworks, Rosemary plans to put boots on him to stop him from kicking himself and keep him in his stable.

This is the first fireworks season she’s experienced with Rolo, so she plans to “take a leap of faith” and hope he copes well.

But Nala gets very distressed.

“She barks to the point that one New Year’s Eve I drove out to the middle of the New Forest to get her as far away from the noise as possible,” Rosemary said.

She added she is forced to change her routine when she knows there may be fireworks.

“I can’t leave her on the weekend of Bonfire Night. I will always be making a decision on, ‘If we go out, can I take her?’ – but we have to endure it when it’s unexpected.”

Nelly the Boston, with her cat sisters Poppy and Pixie

‘We’re worried the stress will shorten her life’

Matt Wilke, 36, from northwest London, has a Boston terrier called Nelly, and two cats, Pixie and Poppy.

All three are rescues from South Africa, and he said the journey to bring them to the UK during the pandemic was nowhere near as stressful as fireworks are for them.

“Pixie becomes incredibly skittish and just about hyperventilates. It is absolutely horrible seeing a cat having what looks like an asthma attack and being very frightened,” he explained.

Poppy does her best to try to hide, which is worrying because “she tries squeezing herself into the smallest of spaces and we’re always so worried she will hurt herself”.

Mike also worries Poppy will “get stuck somewhere or – in a panic to find somewhere – get out and run without any idea of where she’s trying to go”.

Nelly becomes very needy, constantly vigilant and frightened of going outside. Matt said the effects on her can last for days after the fireworks have stopped.

“This undue stress simply isn’t good for her and we’re constantly worried that the stress, especially as she gets older, could shorten her life.”

Pip, an elderly dog with a fragile heart

Jane has an elderly dog called Pip.

Pip “has been petrified of fireworks all his life”, she said.

Jane added: “Every year we spend about two weeks around bonfire night unable to sleep until late as he needs comforting because he gets so worked up and frightened when he hears them going off.

“We are dreading this year as he now has a heart condition which means he collapses if he gets highly stressed or excited.

“So we feel we have no alternative but to drive us all out into the country for a few hours to get away from the relentless sound of bombs going off.

“If we don’t I fear he will have a heart attack.”

Supplied photo of Messi for story about pets and fireworks.
Messi was so scared by fireworks he woudn’t go outside

Could Australian-style ban work in the UK?

Dog owner Jane Price recalled stressful bonfire nights with her Cairn terrier Messi.

“He would bark and get very upset,” she said. “He wouldn’t even go outside, he was worried there was going to be another bang.”

Ms Price is originally from Australia, where there’s a ban on members of the public buying fireworks.

There’s merit to that rule, she said.

In the UK, fireworks can be sold between 15 October and 10 November for Bonfire Night and from 26 to 31 December for New Year celebrations.

They can also be sold in the three days leading up to Chinese New Year and Diwali.

But many pet owners would welcome Australian-style restrictions in the UK.

Cody gets very agitated and scared when she hears the loud bangs of fireworks

‘It’s really difficult to calm and console’

Another concerned animal lover, Di, told Sky News her border collie cross, Cody, is “absolutely terrified” of fireworks.

“This appears to be getting worse as she grows older,” she said. “Her reaction to them is to bark continuously, pant and pace and it is really difficult to calm and console her.

“This reaction can continue for a good while after the fireworks have subsided.”

Vet says fireworks ‘totally cruel’ to animals

The run-up to Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve sees a surge of people seeking sedatives for their pets, a north London vet told Sky News.

“One month before firework night, people are coming in one after the other to get calming remedies for their pets,” she says.

Fireworks displays are “totally cruel” to animals, who have “very sensitive hearing”, she added.

“They’re put under stress and anxiety that can sometimes cause illnesses like alopecia from over-grooming themselves due to stress.”

About 14 million people in the UK attend organised firework displays each year, according to the British Pyrotechnics Association – but that number does not include fireworks set off in private gardens and fields across the country.

These displays are the real problem, according to some pet owners.

Call for organised fireworks events only

Sophie Gannon’s dog Barclay is “petrified by the noise” and “shakes” on hearing fireworks.

“I don’t think they should sell fireworks at all. I think it should just be organised events only,” she said.

The RSPCA receives about 400 calls from concerned pet owners every Bonfire Night, and in 2019 launched its Bang Out Of Order campaign, calling for changes to firework laws.

It wants the sale of fireworks restricted to between 29 October and 5 November and a reduction of the maximum noise level of fireworks from 120 decibels to 90 decibels.

The animal charity has also called for the implementation of firework control zones, prohibiting fireworks near animal habitats, farms and zoos.

The charity’s research shows 73% of adults polled think firework control zones should be introduced and 75% think the firework sale period should be limited.

What are the rules as they stand?

The Animal Welfare Act does not extend to protecting animals from the effects of fireworks.

While it prohibits “any unnecessary suffering to a captive or domestic animal”, if fireworks are let off legally, their use would not be considered unreasonable.

Scotland’s fireworks laws changed in June, giving councils the power to designate Firework Control Zones where it would be illegal to set off fireworks. The impact on animals is one reason why a council could grant a control zone.

In Northern Ireland, anyone who wants to buy, possess, and use fireworks (except indoor fireworks and sparklers) must have a valid fireworks licence.

In 2019, the House of Commons petition committee published a report on fireworks after more than 750,000 people signed a petition demanding a change to the laws.

In response, the government agreed to coordinate a major public awareness campaign, but stopped short of accepting recommendations – including introducing decibel limits and empowering local councils to enforce firework permits.

Another petition calling for tougher regulations gained more than 15,000 signatures in advance of this year’s Bonfire Night.

The government responded by saying it has “no plans to ban the sale of fireworks to the public but continues to monitor the situation”.

A government spokesperson added: “We believe the majority of individuals use fireworks safely and appropriately.

“The government understands that people want to enjoy fireworks. We believe that the legislative framework controlling fireworks strikes the right balance and we have no plans to replace it at this time.”

Dan Wootton: GB News presenter hits out at ‘untrue’ allegations and claims he is the victim of a ‘smear campaign’ | Ents & Arts News

Dan Wootton has addressed claims regarding his personal conduct made on social media, calling all criminal allegations made against him “untrue” and claiming he is the victim of a “smear campaign”.

The journalist and presenter made a statement at the start of his daily GB News show, Dan Wootton Tonight, telling viewers: ” As a journalist I feel uncomfortable being the story, but I’ve always promised you that this show has no spin and no bias and censorship, so I owe it to you to address this”.

The 40-year-old said he felt compelled to address allegations swirling online, following a report by Byline Times on Monday, detailing allegations of potentially criminal behaviour over the course of a decade.

Referring to claims made against him, Wootton said: “I have been the target of a smear campaign by nefarious players with an axe to grind.”

He also said he had previously been the victim of an abusive relationship and was talking about it for the first time following these allegations.

“I have made errors of judgement in the past, but the criminal allegations made against me are simply untrue,” he added.

Wootton also made reference to “other unspeakable slurs” he said had been made about him online.

He went on to say he could spend his whole two-hour show addressing the allegations but concluded, “on the advice of my lawyers I cannot comment further”.

Byline Times said they have contacted the Metropolitan Police with evidence.

A spokesperson told Sky News: “In June 2023, the Metropolitan Police was contacted with regards to allegations of sexual offences committed by a man.

“Officers are assessing information to establish whether any criminal offence has taken place.”

They said there is currently no active investigation.

‘We are looking into the allegations made in recent days’

Many of the allegations concern events said to have taken place while Wootton was working at The Sun newspaper.

Parent company News UK said: “We are looking into the allegations made in recent days. We are not able to make any further comment at this stage.”

Wootton is now a regular columnist for MailOnline.

Its publisher DMG Media told Sky News: “We are looking into the allegations made in recent days. We are not able to make any further comment at this stage.”

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Wootton – who was born in New Zealand – was formerly a showbiz journalist at the now defunct News Of The World. He is, by his own admission, a “polarising figure”.

He moved to The Sun newspaper after the phone hacking scandal in 2011. In 2021 he joined GB News. He also has a regular column in MailOnline.

His week-night opinion show on GB News is the channel’s most watched program. Wootton was off-air last week, telling viewers he had taken a “scheduled holiday in New Zealand with my family”.

A spokesperson for GB News told Sky News they have no comment at this time.

Labour to turn fire on Rishi Sunak’s ‘failings’ over cost of living crisis in ad campaign blitz | Politics News

Labour will continue with its controversial attacks on Rishi Sunak by turning attention to government “failures” over the cost of living crisis.

The Labour leader has described the prime minister as the “chief architect of choices prioritising the wealthiest” as both parties gear up for the local elections next month.

In a letter to his shadow cabinet, Sir Keir Starmer said voters “must know that Rishi Sunak’s fingerprints are all over their struggling household budgets”.

In the memo, seen by Sky News, the Labour leader wrote: “With 24 days left until polling day we must continue to focus relentlessly on exposing the failures of 13 years of this divided and weak Conservative government and demonstrate how we would deliver for working people across the country.”

He added: “Rishi Sunak is the chief architect of choices prioritising the wealthiest and of the government’s failure to get a grip of the economy and get growth going.”

He accused Mr Sunak of “supplying the touchpaper for another Conservative government to blow up the economy” as chancellor and then continuing in No 10 to “make choices which loaded the costs on to working people”.

Sir Keir’s intervention comes after Labour came under fire for a series of adverts which critics have branded “gutter politics”.

The first ad, which was issued on Thursday, read: “Do you think adults convicted of sexually assaulting children should go to prison? Rishi Sunak doesn’t.”

Labour Party Tweet on  Rishi Sunak's record on gun crime
Labour Party Tweet on Rishi Sunak’s record on gun crime

It cited data from the Ministry of Justice showing that 4,500 adults convicted of sex acts on children avoided a prison sentence since the Conservatives came to power in 2010.

Despite the ensuing backlash that came from across the political spectrum, Labour issued a second tweet which accused Mr Sunak of being soft on gun grime and a third which suggested he didn’t think thieves should be punished.

Labour officials have been bullish over the weekend about the effectiveness of their ads, with briefings suggesting they would intensify their efforts despite the criticism.

One Labour source told Sky News: “It’s mission accomplished – we’ve dominated the news agenda and started a serious conversation about the Tories appalling record on crime.”

And in his letter to his top team, Sir Keir said the focus of their local election campaigning should move from crime to the cost of living.

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Labour takes inspiration from Australia with Sunak attack ads – but they need more to pull off a proper ousting
Labour tweets second attack ad against Rishi Sunak despite ‘gutter politics’ row

The Labour leader also reiterated directly to his colleagues that he “makes no apologies at all” for the ads despite the backlash.

In an article for the Daily Mail, Sir Keir said he “stand[s] by every word Labour has said on the subject, no matter how squeamish it might make some feel”.

Labour is hoping to reap the benefits of a depressed economy in the 4 May local elections in England, as the Tories continue to struggle in the polls.

However, a new voting intention poll by Redfield and Wilton Strategies showed that Labour is on 44%, a decrease of 1% since last week, while the Conservatives are on 30%, an increase of 2%.

It marks Labour’s narrowest lead over the Tories since Mr Sunak became prime minister in October.

On Tuesday Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves will highlight the party’s pledge to help more first-time buyers on to the housing ladder on a campaign visit to Brighton.

New analysis from the party shows that first-time buyers face a nearly £500 per month hike in mortgage bills in the wake of Liz Truss’s ill-fated mini-budget and interest rate rises.

The Conservatives have been contacted for comment.

These simple energy tricks will save you money, government says in delayed information campaign | Climate News

Britons are being urged to plug gaps in doors and tweak boiler settings to curb soaring energy bills, amid fears of power blackouts this winter.

Months after other European leaders made similar announcements, in November the UK government committed to a multimillion pound public information campaign offering “simple, low or no-cost actions” to bring about “big savings”.

It followed growing pressure from campaigners and environmentalists who said small changes to lower demand would boost energy security, lower bills and limit emissions, benefitting the climate.

The government has now unveiled its initiative called It All Adds Up, which outlines “straightforward” steps to cut energy use immediately, “while ensuring people are able to stay safe and warm this winter”.

Tips to lower bills and energy use

– Turning appliances off at the socket could save you up to £70 a year, as most electrical appliances, such as computers and video game consoles, draw power continuously unless unplugged.

– Washing clothes at a lower temperature could save you up to £40 a year. Changing from 40°C to 30°C means you could get 3 cycles instead of 2 using the same amount of energy.

– Closing all your curtains and blinds at night can help stop warm air escaping through windows and reduce heating costs.

– Turning down radiators in rooms you aren’t using or use less could save you up to £70 a year.
When you’re not using rooms, turn radiator valves down to between 2.5 and 3, which is more efficient than turning them off completely.

– Turning your combi boiler flow temperature down to 60°C could save you up to £100 a year.

– Use your tumble drier wisely. Can you dry clothes outside instead? If not, ensure you have a full load, around three-quarters of the drum.

“No one is immune to rising energy bills this winter,” said Business Secretary Grant Shapps, who appeared in a promotional video in which he battles an elf.

“So it’s in everyone’s interest to use every trick in the book to use less energy while keeping homes warm and staying safe,” he added.

Mr Sunak’s predecessors Liz Truss and Boris Johnson resisted calls to launch a public information campaign, with Ms Truss ditching a similar plan amid fears it would be too “nanny state”.

Germany and the Netherlands asked their citizens back in April to start saving energy, while Denmark in June launched its “Én ting er sikkert. Og det er grønt” electricity saving campaign, which translates as “One thing is certain. And it is green”.

The £18m UK initiative will feature adverts and more detailed information on the website.

The government’s energy saving drive is part of its long-term plan to reduce the UK’s final energy consumption from buildings and industry by 15% by 2030, compared with 2021 levels.

It has also committed funding to upgrade energy efficiency and insulation in homes.

Watch the Daily Climate Show at 3.30pm Monday to Friday, and The Climate Show with Tom Heap on Saturday and Sunday at 3.30pm and 7.30pm.

All on Sky News, on the Sky News website and app, on YouTube and Twitter.

The show investigates how global warming is changing our landscape and highlights solutions to the crisis.