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‘Terrifying’ Storm Ciaran leaves cars smashed and homes damaged on Jersey | UK News

It has been a wild 36 hours and everyone on Jersey is talking about it.

They all experienced a storm they were all warned of – but they could never have imagined the scale.

Wandering down a side street, some 200 metres from the coast, there are crumbled remnants of family homes.

Tiles have been blown off roofs, a playground is a mangled mess of bent lamp posts, twisted fences and collapsed bricks from the neighbouring houses.

We count more than 20 windows of homes that’ve been shattered by flying roof tiles and the gale force winds.

Cars with punctured windscreens line the road as if they’ve been deliberately vandalised. The wind did this.

The smashed windscreen of a car caused by the storm

Roger Iddon has lived here for almost 10 years. His family of five and pet dog are safe but he is in awe of what they survived.

“I thought I was going to die” he says.

He watched Storm Ciaran approach from his bedroom window – and it took seconds to cause damage.

Tiles have been blown off roofs

“(At one point) the wind stopped blowing and it went calm – but then all of a sudden I saw this wall of debris come at the house and it was like the sound of a jet engine,” Roger says.

“(There was) just a loud deafening roar and then the window started to break in front of me and smash.

“I stood away from it and I could hear the whole house shake and the roof lifting, all the cars getting smashed up. It was just a terrifying 30 seconds.

“I thought that’s it, we’re all going to die.”

Roger’s terrifying experience is shared by those on his street. Many have been offered hotel rooms as temporary accommodation but his family and another four have decided to stay in their homes.

Homes have been damaged in Storm Ciaran

The community is rallying together to help those displaced from their homes and to revive streets that are littered in debris.

The Salvation Army has already been helping those caught up in the damage.

Husband and wife Alice and Richard lead the team here.

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“I think as an island we’ve been through a lot,” Alice says.

“I really feel for our island, it’s sad and it’s hard and everyone just wants to feel safe and many people just don’t right now.

“I think we’ve all been affected. I’ve spoken to some people and thankfully their homes and stuff are fine, but they’re really worried about their neighbours.

“I’ve got some people who can’t work today because their place of work is not in a good state.”

Some of the destruction caused by the storm

Richard says they’ve already seen first hand the impact it’s had on people here.

“We know there are people that haven’t been able financially… of buy enough food and stuff for their homes to ride the storm out and so they’re short now,” he adds.

“Our food banks (are) open and we’re deliberately targeting anyone who’s been unable to bulk buy.

“We’re also really aware that a lot of people haven’t got a warm, safe space, or perhaps they feel really anxious about being in their homes after a really difficult night.

“So again, we’re providing a warm, safe space here.”

The need for them and other support groups will only grow as this island rebuilds with fierce determination – something this storm certainly hasn’t hampered.

Police investigate after 800-year-old castle damaged with hammer | UK News

Police are appealing for information after an 800-year-old castle was damaged with a hammer.

Dolbadarn Castle in Llanberis is located around 12 miles from Bangor.

It is believed to have been constructed by Llywelyn ap Iorwerth (Llywelyn the Great) in the late 12th or early 13th century.

North Wales Police received a report from Cadw – the Welsh government’s service with responsibility for historic sites – that part of the castle’s round tower had been deliberately damaged with a hammer.

Officers say they believe the damage was done sometime during mid-July.

PCSO Rhys Evans said the “beautiful monument” should “be respected”.

In a social media appeal, he said: “Unbelievably, somebody is reported to have climbed up to the top with a hammer and smashed part of the round tower.”

“The incident has been recorded and that footage is currently being reviewed,” he added.

“I am asking anyone who visited the site during July and who might have seen anything suspicious, or anyone with information, to get in touch with us.”

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According to Cadw’s website, the castle is open to the public every day between 10am and 4pm but closed on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

Sabotage investigation after cables damaged on Royal Navy warship HMS Glasgow at Scottish shipyard | UK News

An alleged incident of sabotage onboard a next-generation Royal Navy warship at a Scottish shipyard has prompted an inquiry into who was responsible.

A number of cables on HMS Glasgow were “damaged intentionally” and were discovered earlier this week, defence contractor BAE systems said.

HMS Glasgow is the first of the new series of Type 26 frigates and is being built at the Scotstoun shipyard in Glasgow.

A BAE systems spokesperson added: “We immediately launched an internal investigation, alongside our suppliers, and temporarily paused work on the ship to inspect every area of the vessel and ensure our high standards and quality controls are met.

“Normal operations have now resumed and an assessment is under way to scope the repairs needed.

BAE systems did not confirm a motive for the damage or who it suspected was responsible.

According to the UK Defence Journal, more than 60 cables were severed.

The first of its kind, HMS Glasgow is designed to be a “adaptable, future-proofed ship”, the Navy says.

It is the first of eight Type 26 frigates being built by BAE systems in Glasgow.

HMS Cardiff and HMS Belfast are also under construction with HMS Glasgow and are expected to enter service in the late-2020s.

‘Thug’ who left Sikh priest brain damaged in ‘racial attack’ jailed for three years | UK News

A “thug” who left a Sikh priest for dead in what has been branded a “racial attack” has been jailed for three years.

Claudio Campos, 28, subjected Avtar Singh, 62, to a severe brain injury after targeting him “without any justifiable reason” in Manchester city centre.

Campos floored Mr Singh by repeatedly punching him in the head in Tib Street, in the city’s Northern Quarter, in broad daylight on 23 June.

He then calmly walked away leaving his victim unconscious in the street before going to a sports bar for a beer and burger with his girlfriend to mark their fifth anniversary.

“Cowardly” Campo hid from the police for three months until he was arrested after a tip-off following an appeal.

He claimed his girlfriend said Mr Singh had touched her bottom as they walked past each other at a pedestrian crossing, Manchester Crown Court heard.

CCTV footage showed him pursuing Mr Singh to “demand an explanation” as the priest tried to walk away.

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Mr Singh suffered a stroke caused by bleeding on the brain together with multiple fractures to his cheek, jaw and eye socket, affecting his vision.

The priest, described as a “supportive, humorous, loving and hardworking husband and father”, now requires round-the-clock nursing and medical care.

He is unable to read his prayers or write in his prayer book, the court heard.

Campo denied the attack was because Mr Singh was wearing a turban.

He pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm at an earlier hearing.

Passing sentence on Thursday, Judge Hilary Manley said the maximum sentence she could pass was five years and that Campos must also receive credit for pleading guilty.

But she told the defendant: “He was simply making his way through the city. He was troubling nobody. He gave you no reason at all to do what you did.”

“Mr Singh has been described by his shattered and broken family as a humble, gentle and peaceable man, a devoted follower of and priest within the Sikh faith, who regularly carried out selfless acts of charity for those in need of help.

“As a direct result of your decision to attack him, his life, and the lives of his family, are forever traumatised, changed and diminished.”

Mr Singh’s wife, Navinder, told Campos: “He was a happy man, minding his own business.

“You attacked his turban, a crown every Sikh wears in public, you left him for dead.”

Meanwhile, his daughter Sukhveer branded Campos a “monster” while her sister, Surinder, told him: “I think of you as nothing but a thug.

“You hid like a coward for three months.”

Mr Singh and his family were regular volunteers with the not-for-profit organisation Sewa (Selfless Efforts for Welfare of All) and would help feed the homeless every Sunday in Manchester city centre.

Sewa founder Pritpal Singh Makan described the priest as a “polite, courteous and helpful member of our community”.

“Sadly we see this a racial attack,” he said.

“Our turban is a crown which stands out.”