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Met Police admits details of officers at risk of exposure after warrant card supplier was hacked | UK News

The Metropolitan Police is on high alert following a significant security breach that led to officers’ and staff’s details being hacked.

All 47,000 personnel have been notified about the potential exposure of their photographs, names, and ranks, The Sun newspaper reported.

The breach occurred when cybercriminals managed to infiltrate the IT systems of a contractor responsible for printing warrant cards and staff passes.

In response to the report, a spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police told Sky News: “We have been made aware of unauthorised access to the IT system of a Met supplier.

“We are working with the company to understand if there has been any security breach relating to Metropolitan Police data.”

The company had access to names, ranks, photos, vetting levels and pay numbers for officers and staff, the Met said.

It added that the company “did not hold personal information such as addresses, phone numbers or financial details”.

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“Security measures have been taken by the MPS as a result of this report. The MPS has reported the matter to the National Crime Agency. The Information Commissioner’s Office is also aware,” the Met added.

The Sun also reported that the National Crime Agency had been called in amid fears terrorists or organised gangs could use the stolen data.

Met Police Service bosses also sent a message to their staff, urging them to “remain vigilant”.

It remains unclear whether the hackers demanded a ransom from the printing company or were attempting to target officers and staff.

The incident comes after a redacted version of a leaked document that listed the names of police officers in Northern Ireland was posted on a wall facing a Sinn Fein office in Belfast in a “sinister” attempt to intimidate one of its politicians.

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The document, which had mistakenly been shared online, included the names of around 10,000 officers and staff.

Ex-Met commander John O’Connor described the latest breach as “utterly outrageous”, adding: “Anyone using these details to produce a warrant card or pass could gain access to a police station or secure area.

“There is also a huge concern that photographs of police working on undercover units, surveillance or in sensitive areas like counter-terrorism could fall into the wrong hands.

“This data breach has put safety of police at risk and questions need to be asked about why IT security of this company was so slapdash.”

Phil Spencer describes details of ‘horrendous’ car accident that killed both his parents | Ents & Arts News

TV presenter Phil Spencer has spoken out following the death of his parents in a car crash at their home, calling it “horrendous” but taking strength from the fact they were together when they died

Spencer’s father Richard, 89, and mother Anne, 82, both died following the accident at their farm in Kent on Saturday.

The Location, Location, Location star posted a message on Instagram, along with a recent photo of his mum and dad, paying tribute and describing the details of the crash.

He wrote: “Very sadly both of my amazing parents died on Friday.

“As a family we are all trying to hold onto the fact Mum and Dad went together and that neither will ever have to mourn the loss of the other one. Which is a blessing in itself.”

He went on to describe details of the crash, saying the car “toppled over a bridge” on their estate in Littlebourne, near Canterbury, and ended up “upside down in the river”.

Despite his parents being pulled from the vehicle, he said they “never regained consciousness”.

He said while both had been “on extremely good form in the days before” the accident, he said his parents were both suffering from health issues.

He wrote: “Mums Parkinson’s and Dads Dementia had been worsening and the long term future was set to be a challenge.”

He said that just a week ago his mother had told him, “now it looks like we will probably go together,” adding, “and so they did”.

The couple, who were on their way to a local pub to have lunch when the accident took place, were described as “both people of Christian faith” by Spencer’s Location co-host Kirstie Allsopp when she posted a tribute on Saturday.

Spencer’s message went on: “That was what God had planned for them – and it was a good plan”.

He went on to explain how the accident took place, writing: “The car, going very slowly, toppled over a bridge on the farm drive, upside down into the river.

“There were no physical injuries and I very much doubt they would have even fought it – they would have held hands under the water and quietly slipped away”.

He said the alarm was quickly raised by his parents’ carer – a woman in her 60s who was with them in the car at the time of the crash – and who managed to escape from the back window of the car.

Spencer said his older brother, David, stepped in to try to save his parents, but to no avail.

He wrote: “As many farmers do – my brother had a penknife and so was able to cut the seat belts – he pulled them out of the river but they never regained consciousness”.

Spencer concluded: “Although desperately sad and shocked beyond all belief – all family are clear that if there can ever be such a thing as having a “good end” – this was it.

“It feels horrendous right now, but after almost 60 years of marriage – to die together on the farm they so loved will, I know, be a comfort in the future.

“Mum Dad are together which is precisely where they would have wanted to be”.

Metropolitan Police officer found guilty of rape after admitting accessing victim’s details through police computer | UK News

A former Metropolitan Police officer has been found guilty of rape.

Ireland Murdock, 26, had previously admitted to putting his victim’s name through a police computer after the attack.

He was convicted of rape on Monday following a trial at Inner London Crown Court and will be sentenced later this month.

The court heard Murdock raped a woman while he was off-duty on 25 September 2021.

He was arrested after the victim reported the incident to the police the following January.

After the woman made the report, Murdock searched for her name on a police system and accessed a restricted crime report relating to her, the jury heard.

Murdock was dismissed from the force in July 2022 after he admitted searching the victim’s name.

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Chief Superintendent Andy Carter, who is in charge of policing for the Central North Basic Command Unit, said: “Murdock committed an absolutely atrocious offence, and caused his victim a lot of pain and fear. He betrayed everything we stand for and I am disgusted by his actions.”

He thanked the victim for her “courage and bravery in coming forward”.

Mr Carter said the officer was suspended as soon as the allegations were made against him, and he was dismissed at the “earliest opportunity”.

“We are determined to have a Met that the public can trust, with officers that people feel confident to approach. When someone fails to meet these standards, we will take action to remove them from our organisation,” he added.

Murdock has now been placed on the barred list held by the College of Policing, meaning he can never return to the service.

Nicola Bulley: Home secretary demands police explain ‘concerning’ decision to reveal details of missing woman’s private life | UK News

The home secretary has demanded an “explanation” from police over the decision to reveal details of Nicola Bulley’s private life.

A source close to Suella Braverman said she was “concerned” by the disclosure of the missing mother-of-two’s personal information by Lancashire Police, including that she suffered “some significant issues with alcohol”, which had resurfaced over recent months.

The Home Office said it was receiving regular updates from the force – and received an explanation on Thursday for “why personal details about Nicola were briefed out at this stage of the investigation”.

Lancashire Police has also referred itself to the relevant watchdog, the Independent Office for Police Conduct, over contact officers had with the 45-year-old prior to her disappearance on 27 January.

Friday marks three weeks since she vanished while taking her dog for a walk by the River Wyre in Lancashire.

Family’s plea to end ‘appalling’ speculation

The home secretary’s intervention comes after Ms Bulley’s relatives asked the public to end the “appalling” levels of speculation and “rumours” about her private life.

They also spoke about the “significant” side effects she faced from perimenopause.

In a statement by the family, published through the force, they made clear the police “know the truth about Nikki”.

They said Ms Bulley suffered from brain fog and restless sleep and stopped taking hormone replacement drugs, commonly used to treat symptoms of the menopause, as it gave her “intense headaches”.


Menopause is when your periods stop due to lower hormone levels and usually happens between the ages of 45 and 55.

Perimenopause is when you have symptoms before your periods have stopped, according to the NHS.

Perimenopause can last for up to 10 years before your periods stop altogether and most commonly occurs in women in their 40s.

The NHS says menopause and perimenopause symptoms can have a big impact on a person’s life, including their relationships and work.

Common symptoms include: anxiety, mood swings, brain fog, hot flashes, difficulty sleeping and headaches and migraines, among others.

Whilst not all women will experience menopausal symptoms, up to 80-90% will have some symptoms, with 25% describing them as severe and debilitating, according to the British Menopause Society.

Symptoms of menopause can be so debilitating that a survey published last year found that one in 10 women have quit their job because of it.

HRT is a method of managing symptoms of perimenopause and menopause and is taken by millions of women worldwide, however it does not work well for everybody.

It involves taking oestrogen to elevate the body’s levels of the hormone and is often combined with progesterone.

Read more about perimenopause and the symptoms here

Initially, the force refused to elaborate on “vulnerabilities” which made Ms Bulley a high risk missing person, but later released a statement about her medical and mental health issues.

It also reported a response car staffed by police and health workers “attended a report of concern for welfare” at her home on 10 January.

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Why Nicola Bulley was listed as ‘high risk’

Having come under criticism for revealing the details, Conservative police and crime commissioner for Lancashire, Andrew Snowden, said the force were being “as transparent as they can be”.

Officers acknowledged it was an unusual move to divulge such personal information about a missing person, but said they wanted to explain what they meant by “vulnerabilities”.

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Ms Bulley’s family said public focus “must be on finding her” and not “making up wild theories about her personal life”, before issuing a direct plea to her to return.

“Your girls want a cuddle,” they said.