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‘You are the future, you are the present’: Meghan gives first UK speech since stepping back as a senior royal | Ents & Arts News

The Duchess of Sussex has told young leaders from around the world “you are the future, you are the present” in her first UK speech since stepping back as a senior royal.

Prince Harry was also in attendance as Meghan gave a short speech at the opening ceremony of the One Young World summit at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester.

The Sussexes’ attendance at the ceremony was their first UK public appearance since the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in June.

Meghan told young leaders from more than 190 countries: “You are the ones driving the positive and necessary change across the globe now, in this very moment.

“And for that I am so grateful to be in your company today.”

She also told those gathered: “You are the future…. you are also the present”.

Meghan also spoke about having a “pinch me moment” after the first time she was asked to be a counsellor for One Young World in 2014.

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She said: “And there I was, the girl from Suits. I was surrounded by world leaders, humanitarians, prime ministers and activists that I had such a deep and long-standing respect and admiration for.

“And I was allowed in, to pull up a seat at the table.

“I was so overwhelmed by this experience, I think, I think I even saved my little paper place-marker with my name on it.

“Just proof: proof that I was there, proof that I belonged, because the truth was, I wasn’t sure that I belonged.”

“I was so nervous, I doubted myself and I wondered, wondered if I was good enough to be there?”

But she added One Young World, “saw in me, just as I see in you, the present and the future”.

Meghan told the 2,000 or so delegates listening to her speech: “I want to make that point because often times I speak to young adults about the years ahead.

“About what you will do, about what you will have to adopt to fix from previous generations and also what legacy you will leave.

“Too often in that, we neglect the point – you are doing it now.

“You, here, in this present moment, this is where it is all beginning.”

Before the duchess’ speech, Harry and Meghan were sat centre stage on a bench together as they watched bearers carry the flags of more than 200 countries.

Meghan, with her hair in a sleek ponytail, sat with her legs crossed and swayed in time to a rendition of Dancing In The Streets as she clapped her hands.

Reports suggest Harry and Meghan arrived in Britain on Saturday, but a spokeswoman for the couple declined to confirm their arrival.

The couple were pictured walking into a side entrance of London Euston station on Monday as they took the train up to Manchester for the summit.

They were reportedly driven the 27 miles from their UK base at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor to Euston in a hybrid electric Range Rover.

Their UK trip comes just days after Meghan’s wide-ranging interview with The Cut magazine, in which she said she had “really made an active effort to forgive” both her in-laws and members of her own family after stepping back from royal duties.

She added that she is “still healing” from the ordeal.

The former Suits actress also said that “just by existing” she and Harry were “upsetting the dynamic of the hierarchy” before they stepped down as senior working royals.

Meanwhile, in the latest episode of her Archetypes podcast, Meghan said her life only became more focused on her race after she started dating Prince Harry.

Boris Johnson will not intervene in cost of living crisis as that is ‘for future prime minister’ | Politics News

Downing Street has rejected calls for Boris Johnson to summon an emergency COBRA meeting to deal with the cost of living crisis.

Gordon Brown, the former Labour prime minister, has called for Mr Johnson to meet with his two potential successors and thrash out a financial package of measures before energy bills soar in October.

He said people will go cold and hungry this winter if urgent action isn’t taken now, telling Sky News he was seeing poverty in his hometown in Fife “that I did not expect to see ever again in my lifetime“.

Politics Hub: Brown slams ‘vacuum’ at heart of government

But the prime minister’s spokesman said that although the government recognises the challenges facing struggling households, “by convention it is not for this prime minister to make major fiscal interventions during this period. It will be for a future prime minister.”

He also defended Mr Johnson for going on holiday as the Bank of England warned of a looming recession, saying the public understand it’s “not unusual for ministers to take time off during recess”.

Mr Johnson and Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi faced criticism for being missing in action amid grim forecasts that the UK is heading for the worst financial crisis since the 2008 crash, with interests rates soaring to their highest level in 27 years.

The PM’s spokesperson said Mr Johnson – who is now back in No 10 after his holiday in Slovenia – had spoken to Mr Zahawi while on his break to discuss measures that will be coming in this year.

He suggested Mr Johnson had no plans to sit down with Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak, saying: “Both candidates have spoken about new things they would introduce.”

(left to right) Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Chancellor of the Exchequer Nadhim Zahawi, and Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey, during a Cabinet meeting at 10 Downing Street, London. Picture date: Tuesday July 19, 2022.
Boris Johnson and Nadhim Zahawi have been criticised for doing nothing in the face of a grim economic forecast

Ms Truss has pledged to reverse the national insurance tax rise immediately if she becomes prime minister, while Mr Sunak has promised a VAT cut on energy bills.

Neither have ruled out further direct support for families struggling with mounting energy bills, which are expected to climb to nearly £4,000 a year from January as gas prices continue to push upward.

However, Mr Brown said new measures cannot wait as he criticised their “obsession” with tax cuts.

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Mr Brown set out his own vision for dealing with the cost of living crisis, including changing the windfall tax, a cap on energy bills and reforming the benefits system.

He branded the Tory party’s windfall tax “stupid”, claiming the opt-outs included in the tax brought forward when Mr Sunak was chancellor reduced the value of the tax from £15bn to £5bn.

Ms Truss and Mr Sunak continue to clash over their plans for the economy.

Mr Sunak launched a fresh attack on his opponent’s plan for tax cuts in an emergency budget, describing it as a “big bung” for large businesses and the better-off that would do little to help those most in need over the coming winter.

Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis – who is backing Ms Truss, the foreign secretary – said they would look to do “whatever we can” to help people under pressure from rising inflation.

“She’s willing to do more to help people but her focus is around doing it in a way that puts more money in people’s pockets, creating a high-growth economy with higher wages, more people in work,” he said.

“So rather than having handouts, what we do is have a low-tax economy that’s driving growth and therefore with people having more money in their pockets, they’re better placed to deal with some of the challenges that we see.”