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Prince Harry’s ‘intimate conversation’ felt more like watching a therapy session – and it cost us £17.99 each | UK News

It feels like we’ve just sat through one of Prince Harry’s therapy sessions.

More than that, we’ve all just paid £17.99 for the privilege, albeit with a free copy of Spare thrown in.

This was billed as an “intimate conversation” and that’s exactly what we got, over an hour of Prince Harry talking us through his personal trauma and healing.

This was not a conversation that threw hand grenades at the royal family, there was no mention of Prince William or Camilla.

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Nothing was said about the coronation and whether he’ll come, or how he feels about being evicted from Frogmore Cottage.

This was Harry discussing how he dealt with the trauma of personal loss, how therapy, nature, drugs and Meghan helped with his healing.

No major revelations, but we learnt how he was scared therapy might make him lose memories of his mother.

How he grew up with a sense of numbness when it came to his feelings. How he’s “lost a lot” moving to the US, but is “grateful” his children are growing up away from the institution he grew up within.

Copies of the newly released autobiography from the Duke of Sussex, titled Spare, on display at Waterstones Piccadilly, London, as it goes on sale to the public for the first time. Picture date: Tuesday January 10, 2023.

And once again, Harry draws a stark comparison between his parenting style “smothering them with love”, and that of his father.

The palace will have been braced for bombshells, and while Harry did a lot of talking, unlike his previous interviews, he did no damage.

No doubt there will be a sigh of relief from both the King and the Prince of Wales.

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What we do know is whenever Harry talks, people will listen.

He speaks from the heart and doesn’t hold back. His fans will have loved every minute of this conversation.

It’s unlikely to have changed the minds of his critics, but they probably won’t have spent the £17.99 to find out.

Midnight queues as Prince Harry’s memoir hits the shelves – here’s why people are buying it | UK News

Fans have waited in line to purchase a hardback copy of Prince Harry’s autobiography as it hit shelves at midnight in bookstores nationwide.

Shops opened at 12am this morning for the official release of the Duke of Sussex‘s controversial memoir Spare – which has made headlines across the world with bombshell revelations about the Royal Family and was leaked and sold early by some booksellers in Spain.

A handful of people waited outside the doors of WHSmith in London’s Victoria station to be one of the first to buy a copy of the book – surrounded by a crowd of photographers, camera operators and reporters.

The newly released autobiography from the Duke of Sussex at WHSmith's in Victoria Station
The newly released autobiography from the Duke of Sussex at WHSmith’s in Victoria Station

The first customers were handed copies of the memoir after they were freshly unwrapped from sealed black packaging as photographers captured the moment.

Staff then proceeded to put half-price stickers onto copies and unloaded them onto specially designed shelving units near the front of the shop.

Sarah Nakana, 46, was first to the till to buy her half-price copy at just gone midnight, describing Prince Harry’s decision to write the book and tell his story as “incredibly courageous and brave”.

She said: “I’m excited to hear from Prince Harry about his life in his words.

“He has created a historical record of his life. He lived it. Only he knows what he endured and went through.

“I know for sure the UK media sensationalised some of the bits that make him look in the worst light and sell them the most papers.”

Sarah Nakana
Sarah Nakana

It was Chris Imafidon who was handed the first copy as they were cut from the black plastic packaging.

“I really want to hear from the horse’s mouth. I want to know why the young man left the country he loved and was ready to die for.”

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Professor Chris Imafidon purchased three copies of the book
Professor Chris Imafidon purchased three copies of the book

Two 20-year-old friends, Ben Vu and Leigh Harper, also bought copies but had differing views.

“With some of the more personal things he says, I think he should maybe try to fix things with his family rather than air it in the media,” Leigh said.

Leigh Harper and Ben Vu
Leigh Harper and Ben Vu

But Ben said he felt the prince had “the right to say what he wants and there shouldn’t be censorship towards it”.

“I’m super excited. There’s a huge amount of hype about it.”

Also in the queue was Sasha Pursell, a 27-year-old bartender, who has moved to London from Melbourne.

Waiting outside the shop, she said: “I’m just intrigued. I’ve heard so much press about the book and it’s also just a bit exciting – I’ve never been to a midnight release.

“I just thought: ‘You know what, I’ve just finished work. It will be a bit of fun to go over and buy the book that I want to read.”

Prince Harry’s tribute to ‘granny’: ‘Thank you for your infectious smile’ | UK News

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, has issued a tribute to “granny”, saying: “We, too, smile knowing that you and grandpa are reunited now, and both together in peace”.

It is the first time the royal has spoken publicly since the death of his grandmother, although he was seen greeting members of the public in Windsor on Saturday, alongside wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and the new Prince and Princess of Wales.

In a statement on his Archewell website, he wrote: “In celebrating the life of my grandmother, Her Majesty The Queen-and in mourning her loss-we are all reminded of the guiding compass she was to so many in her commitment to service and duty. She was globally admired and respected.

“Her unwavering grace and dignity remained true throughout her life and now her everlasting legacy. Let us echo the words she spoke after the passing of her husband, Prince Philip, words which can bring comfort to all of us now: ‘Life, of course, consists of final partings as well as first meetings.’

Queen dies – latest news: King to address Westminster before leading royal procession

“Granny, while this final parting brings us great sadness, I am forever grateful for all of our first meetings-from my earliest childhood memories with you, to meeting you for the first time as my Commander-in-Chief, to the first moment you met my darling wife and hugged your beloved great-grandchildren.

“I cherish these times shared with you, and the many other special moments in between. You are already sorely missed, not just by us, but by the world over.”

‘We smile knowing you and grandpa are reunited’

The Queen and Prince Philip pose at Broadlands in Hampshire for their diamond wedding anniversary in 2007
The Queen and Prince Philip pose at Broadlands in Hampshire for their diamond wedding anniversary in 2007

The Duke also paid tribute to his father, writing: “And as it comes to first meetings, we now honour my father in his new role as King Charles III.”

In the King’s first address to the nation on Friday, the day after the Queen died, he expressed his love for Prince Harry and Meghan.

“I want also to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives overseas,” he said.

Prince Harry ended his tribute to the Queen saying: “Thank you for your commitment to service.

“Thank you for your sound advice.

“Thank you for your infectious smile.

“We, too, smile knowing that you and grandpa are reunited now, and both together in peace.”

Public queue to see monarch’s coffin

Britain's William, Prince of Wales, Catherine, Princess of Wales, Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, look at floral tributes as they walk outside Windsor Castle, following the passing of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, in Windsor, Britain, September 10, 2022. REUTERS/REUTERS/Andrew Couldridge
William, Prince of Wales, Catherine, Princess of Wales, Prince Harry, and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, look at floral tributes as they walk outside Windsor Castle

His tribute comes as crowds began to gather along the route of the royal procession in Edinburgh.

The Queen’s coffin is being taken from the Palace of Holyrood House to St Giles’ Cathedral today.

King Charles will follow behind the coffin and lead a procession of members of the Royal Family.

Mourners will be able to view the coffin, with the Crown of Scotland placed on top, from 5pm.

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This is known as lying at rest, rather than lying in state, which will not happen until the Queen is in London.

Once the Queen has been flown to England, the public will be able to view her coffin as it lies at Westminster Palace for four days – but there have been warnings of lengthy, overnight queues, to be able to do so.