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Stephen Lawrence killer David Norris sending selfies from jail with illicit mobile, says report | UK News

One of Stephen Lawrence’s killers has been placed in segregation in jail after he reportedly got hold of a mobile phone and sent selfies of himself in his cell to friends outside.

The Ministry of Justice has confirmed it is investigating the alleged security breach involving David Norris, one of two men jailed for life in 2012 for the racist murder of the black teenager.

In May, a bid to move Norris to an open prison was blocked by then-justice secretary Dominic Raab amid fears he still posed a risk to the public.

And on Tuesday, the Daily Mail reported Norris had been sending pictures of himself in his prison cell to friends on the outside, and using the smartphone to call and text, log onto Facebook and watch YouTube videos.

The newspaper said Norris had updated his WhatsApp status to indicate his eventual release from jail, claiming he would be “coming home in 2 to liven you all up”.

It also claimed he had been seen wearing designer clothes and using an X-Box inside.

The Justice Ministry has warned prisoners found with phones can expect longer jail terms.

Under current rules Norris will legally have the chance to apply to the parole board for release when he completes his minimum prison term of 14 years and three months.

Stephen Lawrence died in 1993
Stephen Lawrence died in 1993

A Prison Service spokesperson said: “We do not tolerate illicit phones in jail, and prisoners found with them should expect to face longer behind bars.

“We have invested £125 million in tougher prison security measures – including X-ray body scanners that have intercepted over 20,000 attempts to smuggle contraband behind bars in the past two years.”


Norris has been placed in segregation while an investigation is under way and could face further punishment depending on its outcome.

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It is understood the Prison Service is conducting cell searches, while working to have any social media accounts potentially linked with Norris shut down.

Five men were arrested over the racist murder of 18-year-old Mr Lawrence, who was stabbed to death in Eltham, south-east London, on April 22 1993.

But just two of his killers, Norris and Gary Dobson, were brought to justice. Both were given life sentences in 2012 after being found guilty of murder.

PM’s official plane used for ‘boozy jolly’ over the UK, report claims | Politics News

The prime minister’s official jet was used for a “boozy jolly” by civil servants, according to a report.

Sky News understands a number of officials joined the 91-minute journey over the UK – and that it took place with “usual catering for a flight”.

The Sun newspaper claims that during the 700-mile trip – which reportedly cost £50,000 – a “fancy meal with a selection of alcoholic drinks” was served.

Flight data shows it took off from Stansted and headed to the Lake District before returning.

A statement on behalf of the government, given to Sky News, said: “In order to comply with Airbus and aviation industry rules, the aircraft was legally bound to operate a maintenance flight before 4 September or face significant additional storage costs.”

The RAF Voyager used by the Prime Minister and the royal family on the runway at Cambridge airport where it has been repainted in the colours of the Union flag at a cost of almost 1 million.
The RAF Voyager is used by the Prime Minister and the Royal Ramily

It is claimed that the trip by a number of Foreign Office civil servants was necessary to ensure that – following “a recent reconfiguration of the aircraft” – it would “still meet ministerial requirements”.

Labour’s shadow trade secretary Emily Thornberry told The Sun: “This would be utterly disgraceful behaviour at the best of times, but in the middle of our country’s current crisis, it is shameful beyond words.”

The RAF Voyager plane is shared between Boris Johnson and the Royal Family. Once grey, it was resprayed white, and given a Union Jack on its tail in a controversial £900,000 makeover.

The news of the alleged “jolly” comes as Boris Johnson and his allies have launched a legal fightback against a Commons inquiry into claims he lied to parliament about partygate.

The inquiry into Mr Johnson, by the all-party Privileges Committee, has been denounced as “a witch-hunt” and “a kangaroo court” by his allies after the committee announced it could rule against him even if he did not deliberately mislead MPs.