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UK weather: Scotland faces snow warning as hundreds of flood alerts remain in place for England | Weather News

People in Scotland are bracing for more snow and ice-related disruption, while those in the south of England have been told homes and businesses could be flooded in the coming days.

The warnings come after dozens of schools in northern England and North Wales were closed and travel was disrupted on Thursday.

While amber weather warnings for Wales and the Pennines have passed, yellow warnings for snow and ice are in place for much of Scotland for Friday and Saturday.

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The Met Office has said roads and railways are likely to be affected, and there is also a chance people will experience power cuts and disruption to mobile phone services.

Ferry operator Calmac, which operates services between the Scottish mainland and isles, has announced cancellations and delays due to adverse weather.

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Schools closed as snow hit the UK on Thursday

Two flood warnings have also been issued for Scotland – covering north and south Luce Bay in Dumfries and Galloway – while 81 flood warnings are in place in England, mostly in the South and the Midlands.

A total of 294 less severe flood alerts are in force in England while 19 are active in Wales.

Rain is set to arrived across the UK later today. Pic: Met Office
Rain is set to arrive across the UK later today. Pic: Met Office

Flooding in York. Storm Jocelyn will thrash the UK with more wind and rain after Storm Isha left two people dead and one seriously injured. Picture date: Tuesday January 23, 2024.
The warnings come weeks after areas like York were flooded during Storm Isha. Pic: PA

Dozens of schools in northern England and North Wales closed due to snow on Thursday.

The Met Office measured 10cm of snow in Kirkwall, Orkney, while 9cm was recorded in Bingley, West Yorkshire.

In Harbertonford, south Devon, a total of 43.2mm of rainfall was measured – almost half the average for the area in February.

Trains between Bath and Swindon were also disrupted due to flooding.

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A snow boarder in Allenheads, Northumberland.
A snowboarder makes the most of the weather in Allenheads, Northumberland. Pic: PA

School children pushing a bus in Sheffield.
Pic:Chris Mann/PA
School children pushing a bus in Sheffield. Pic: Chris Mann/PA

Temperatures across the UK have been fluctuating with a low of -13.8C (7.2F) being recorded in the Scottish Highlands in the early hours of Thursday, while a high of 13.6C (56.5) was recorded in Exeter later on the same day.

Met Office meteorologist Dan Stroud said: “We’ve still got rain and many have snow making its way northwards, we have got further weather warnings in force.

“Temperatures are recovering a little, across the far South it’s generally mild.

“We’ve got a second band of cloud and rain moving northwards, it makes for challenging driving conditions.

“We’ve had the worst of it but it’s still not completely clear. Where we have falling snow we see there is a risk of a few icy patches on roads.”

He added that as the focus “is probably starting to shift more towards ice, people should still be cautious”.

UK weather: Snow on the way with yellow warning for large parts of England and Wales | UK News

A yellow weather warning for snow has been issued for large parts of England and Wales.

The Met Office said snowfall could bring some disruption on Thursday and into Friday morning.

It warned there was a chance of travel delays on roads, along with delayed or cancelled rail and air travel.

There was also a chance some rural communities could become cut off, it said.

“A band of rain, sleet, and increasingly snow, will push north on Thursday bringing up to 2cm snow at lower levels, 2-5cm on ground above 200m, and perhaps as much as 10-20cm above 400m,” the Met Office said.

“The snow will ease later in the day, and may turn back to rain or drizzle, especially in the south and east of the area.”

It said there was some uncertainty about the northern limit of the snow and said details may change in the coming days.

The warning will be in effect for 24 hours from 3am on Thursday.

It comes after a yellow weather warning remains in place for Scotland until 9pm on Monday night, with up to 170mm (6.7in) of rain possible.

The Met Office said there is a “small chance that homes and businesses could be flooded”, which may result in damage to buildings.

The warning covers most of the Scottish Highlands but reaches as far south as the outskirts of Glasgow.

There is also a yellow warning for ice covering northern Scotland from midnight on Tuesday until 9am.

UK weather: ‘Severe’ alert on the roads as freezing temperatures and snow forecast | UK News

Drivers could end up stranded or delayed this week as freezing temperatures hit the UK – with National Highways issuing a “severe weather alert” for snow.

The travel warning covers northwest England on Tuesday and coincides with four days of Met Office warnings for snow and ice.

Temperatures 5-6C lower than normal are forecast, with sunshine for many today but nearly all of the UK struggling to get more than a couple of degrees above zero.

Monday’s snow and ice warning covers the whole of Northern Ireland and northern Scotland.

On Tuesday, the area expands to cover a large swathe of northern England, the whole of Scotland, and North Wales.

The North West is affected on Tuesday. Pic: Met Office
Much of northern England is affected by Tuesday’s warning. Pic: Met Office

The yellow warning in place for Wednesday
A snow warning continues on Wednesday and Thursday. Pic: Met Office

National Highways, which manages motorways and major roads, is urging drivers to “check ahead and plan for disruption” as “widespread snow” is expected in the North West.

It warns of potential delays and stranded vehicles – with 5-10cm possible on top of the A66 and M62 – and other parts getting between 1cm and 5cm.

Some rural communities could be cut off and rail services may also be delayed or cancelled, it adds.

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“We would recommend people stick to the main roads and avoid country lanes where possible,” says Met Office meteorologist Liam Eslick.

“These are the places that aren’t going to see any gritting or any road clearances for the next couple of days.

“So we recommend people take their time, make sure they have time to do their cars in the mornings, and go steady.”

A pedestrian crosses a bridge during a snow shower near Maidstone in Kent. Sleet and snow showers have been forecast for parts of the country on Monday as some regions are still trying to grapple with flooding following intense rainfall. Picture date: Monday January 8, 2024.
Drivers are being urged to stick to main roads if possible

Mr Eslick says the snow is down to a strong northerly wind bringing in an Arctic airmass.

A Met Office snow warning remains in force on Wednesday and Thursday, over a slightly smaller area but still covering millions in places such as Greater Manchester, Liverpool and Northern Ireland.

As well as possible road and rail problems, the forecaster says there could be power cuts in some places.

This week’s warnings follow snow in the South East last week, with places such as Kent getting several centimetres, and flooding from Storm Henk persisting in many other areas.

Snow set to cause disruption as Britain braces for week of freezing temperatures | UK News

Snow is set to hit parts of Scotland today before spreading south next week as cold air from the Arctic brings freezing temperatures.

Up to 5cm of snow is expected in places by the end of Sunday, causing disruption on the roads and railways.

A yellow weather warning for snow and ice is in place into Monday, covering areas including the Highlands and the Orkney and Shetland Islands.

Northern Ireland could also see up to 5cm of snow on higher ground on Monday, with a yellow warning in place from 3am until the end of the day.

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Weather warning in Northern Ireland and Scotland on Monday
Weather warning in Northern Ireland and Scotland on Monday

Forecasters predict the snow will then move south over the course of the week, with the potential for wintry weather in parts of northern England on Tuesday.

Southern regions were said to be at “low risk” of snow.

Met Office meteorologist Honor Criswick said: “It is going to be feeling pretty chilly in the north of Scotland.

“Throughout the week we are going to see more and more snow showers and warnings, towards the end of the week we will probably see an accumulation.

“The warning is of 2cm to 5cm of snow, throughout the week there is the possibility we will see a build up of snow.

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“On Tuesday, we are going to see more rain turning to snow moving east across the country, with more prolonged snow and more accumulations at low levels in the north of Scotland and northern England.

“That’s where we could see 5cm or 10cm of snow in low-lying areas.

“There’s a very low chance the south might see a bit of it.”

UK weather: Yellow warnings issued for snow and ice as travel disruption expected | UK News

The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for snow and ice at the weekend and into next week.

The alerts, which warn some travel disruption is likely, cover northern parts of Scotland on Sunday and Monday.

Another warning has been issued for the whole of Northern Ireland on Monday.

The Met Office said some roads and railways are likely to be affected, with some icy patches on untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths.

It warned there may also be some injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces.

Check the five-day forecast where you are

The warnings for Scotland are active for the whole of Sunday and Monday, while the alert for Northern Ireland is active from 3am until midnight on Monday.

The warning covering Scotland on Monday cautions there will be a small chance of power cuts and warns other services, such as mobile phone coverage, may be affected.

It also says there is a slight chance snow-covered roads would lead to stranded vehicles and passengers, along with delayed or cancelled rail and air travel.

The Met Office said a northerly airflow will bring cold arctic air to the UK from Sunday and into next week, causing snow showers to focus across northern areas of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

There is a chance of disruptive snow for some areas as milder Atlantic air pushes in from the southwest over the next week.

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“While the initial snow risk from Sunday onwards is looking most likely to be coastal areas in the north of the UK, including North Sea and Irish Sea coasts, there’s an ongoing likelihood of some disruptive snow through the middle to latter part of next week,” Met Office deputy chief meteorologist David Hayter said.

“What we’re keeping an eye on for this disruptive snow is where exactly this milder air from the southwest bumps into the cold air that will be in place over the UK. It’s where these airmasses meet that there’s a likelihood of some substantial snow for some places.

“At the moment, models are showing us a variety of options for exactly when and how this situation plays out and it’s something we’ll be able to add more details to in the coming days.”

UK weather: 5cm of snow and -10C possible today, with three Met Office warnings in force | UK News

Parts of the UK could see up to 5cm of snow today, with temperatures set to fall as low as -10C (14F) in some areas.

Three yellow weather warnings are currently in place, with Met Office forecasters warning that colder conditions will persist into the weekend.

The whole eastern coast of the UK, stretching from Scotland to East Anglia, is under an alert for snow and ice until 11am this morning.

The scene in Northumberland yesterday
The scene in Northumberland yesterday

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Commuters are being told that journeys by road and rail could take longer than usual, and untreated icy patches could cause slips and falls.

Warnings for ice are also in force across parts of Northern Ireland and southwest England until 10am, with treacherous conditions possible as temperatures fall below freezing following showers.

The bout of wintry weather made its presence felt on Thursday, with dozens of schools in Cornwall either partially or fully closed.

Several crashes were also reported on County Durham’s roads because of snow.

A widespread frost is forecast for this morning, with overnight temperatures plunging to -6C in southwest England, -8C in Wales, and -10C in Scotland.

Temperatures are also unlikely to recover during the day, with a maximum of just 5C (41F) anticipated across the South.

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The UK Health Security Agency has issued amber cold health alerts in five regions – the East Midlands, West Midlands, North West, North East and Yorkshire and the Humber – until 5 December.

It fears there could be a “significant” impact across the health and social care sector.

According to the Met Office, the UK is likely to remain in a northeasterly air flow for several days to come, meaning it will stay cold well into next week.

National Highways is urging motorists to plan their journeys, keep an eye on the weather forecast, and take extra care on the roads.

Its national network manager Dale Hipkiss said: “Freezing conditions bring so many hazards such as snow and ice, please take every possible step to understand your journey in advance and allow extra time when travelling.

“Keeping a kit of essential items like a torch and warm clothes in your vehicle can be vital.”

UK weather: Met Office forecasts wintry ‘sleet and snow’ showers as Arctic blast causes temperatures to plummet this week | UK News

The first taste of winter is on its way with the UK set to see wintry showers – including sleet and snow – as cold Arctic air sweeps across the country.

The Met Office forecasts heavy showers and gales across Scotland and some parts of northern England on Thursday, particularly in the northeast, but it is expected to stay largely dry across the rest of the country and Wales.

Forecasters say it will turn noticeably colder by Friday, with temperatures expected to plummet – reaching below freezing in some parts.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “By the end of the week we are going to see cold winds arrive from the north.

“It’s going to feel colder this week and there will be some snow showers over, mainly, hills of northern Scotland.

“But elsewhere, with high pressure in place, it is going to be mostly dry on Friday and into the start of the weekend.”

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Met Office weather map for UK for Friday 24 November, 2023
Forecasters say it will turn noticeably colder on Friday. Pic: Met Office

He said Friday would be a “chillier” day and as the wind arrives it will bring showers to northern Scotland and parts of North Wales.

“Although those showers will be falling as sleet and snow over the hills of northern Scotland, perhaps to lower levels in the far north, for the vast majority despite the chill in the air, it’s a dry, it’s a bright day,” he said.

“As we head into the weekend it is a continuation of that theme,” he added.

“Those showers falling as snow mostly over northern hills, but widespread snow very unlikely, and for the vast majority it’s just dry, crisp, bright autumn weather.”

Met Office weather map for UK for Saturday 25 November, 2023
The wintry conditions are expected to continue into the weekend on Saturday. Pic: Met Office

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Sky News weather producer Chris England added the Arctic air will spread to most of Britain over the next couple of days, behind a band of mostly light and patchy rain, “bringing very strong winds and a scattering of hail and snow showers to the north and east”.

He added: “High pressure following from the west will settle things down later on Friday, with an extensive frost developing overnight.

“Temperatures will mostly be a degree or two (Celsius) above or below freezing, but some sheltered northern parts may well go a few degrees lower.”

UK weather: Bitter winter temperatures set to return next week – and there could be snow | UK News

Parts of the UK are likely to see weather warnings early next week, as bitter winter temperatures return for a brief time.

There are currently no Met Office weather warnings in place but the UK Health Security Agency has issued a cold weather alert.

Both organisations say all parts of England will experience cold weather from 1am on Monday until midnight on Wednesday.

Some regions could even see snow.

Dr Agostinho Sousa, head of extreme events and health protection at UKHSA, said: “During periods like this, it is important to check in on family, friends and relatives who may be more vulnerable to the cold weather, as it can have a serious impact on health.

“If you have a pre-existing medical condition or are over the age of 65, it is important to try and heat your home to at least 18C if you can.”

It comes as people continue to struggle with high energy bills, and the UKHSA offered some advice to people trying to stay warm.

Several layers of thinner clothing will keep you warmer than one thick layer, they said.

Drinking hot drinks and eating hot food also helps.

Check the 5-day forecast for where you live

‘A distinctly wintry feel to our weather next week’

Chris Almond, deputy chief meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “Although we’ve moved into meteorological spring there will be a distinctly wintry feel to our weather next week.

“Very cold air will spread across the UK bringing snow showers even to sea level in the north on Monday and these snow showers could spread further south on Tuesday.

“With freezing overnight temperatures and the risk of ice, it is likely weather warnings will be issued for Monday and Tuesday once the detail of potential impacts becomes clearer, so keep an eye on the Met Office forecast.”

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It comes after England had its driest February in 30 years, according to the Met Office.

The UK saw less than half of its average rainfall for the month, at 45%, with just 43.4mm.

UK weather: More snow, ice and freezing fog set to cause Monday morning rush-hour chaos | UK News

Widespread travel disruption is expected across the UK this morning, as yellow weather warnings for ice, fog and snow remain in place.

The Met Office issued the alerts as temperatures were expected to stay well below freezing overnight and combine with wintry showers to create icy conditions.

Met Office warnings for Monday
The Met Office’s latest warnings

The yellow warnings are in place until later this morning for northern and southwestern Scotland, Northern Ireland, northeastern England, the Midlands and South West as well as London and the South East.

But there is also a snow and ice warning for the top half of Scotland and the coast of northern England, which continues through to midday on Thursday.

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Cold snap grips UK

Met Office meteorologist Rachel Ayers said that although cold temperatures, freezing fog and wintry showers are expected to last through the week, cloud cover could prevent a return of some of the more extreme temperatures experienced in recent days.

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There is a possibility of slightly milder conditions arriving next weekend but it is too early to be certain, she said.

Gatwick and Stansted were among the airports affected, both closing their runways to clear snow.

Passengers travelling today should check the status of their flight with their airline before leaving for the airport.

News UK, publisher of The Sun and The Times, said the weather had affected its printers in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, and this could mean delivery delays in “many parts of the country”.

People walk along the seafront at Whitley Bay in Northumberland after a light covering of snow. Snow and ice have swept across parts of the UK, with cold wintry conditions set to continue for days. Picture date: Sunday December 11, 2022.
Whitley Bay, Northumberland
People walk in the gardens of St Nicholas' Park after overnight snow showers in Warwick. Parts of the UK are being hit by freezing conditions with the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) issuing a Level 3 cold weather alert covering England until Monday and the Met Office issuing several yellow weather warnings for snow and ice in parts of the UK over the coming days. Picture date: Sunday December 11, 2022.
St Nicholas’ Park, Warwick

Motorists in the southeast of England were warned by National Highways not to travel unless their journey was essential on Sunday evening, as up to 10cm of snow was forecast.

The Met Office said that Kent and Sussex were likely to be worst-affected, with areas most exposed – such as the North and South Downs, and higher ground – likely to see more significant accumulations.

In Kent, a number of major roads were badly-affected on Sunday, including the M2, M20 around junctions eight and nine, the A21, and the A249.

Wintry conditions in Little Venice, London
Little Venice, London
A snowman during wintry conditions after overnight snow showers in Warwick. Parts of the UK are being hit by freezing conditions with the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) issuing a Level 3 cold weather alert covering England until Monday and the Met Office issuing several yellow weather warnings for snow and ice in parts of the UK over the coming days. Picture date: Sunday December 11, 2022.
Enough snow fell in Warwick to build a (small) snowman

National Highways duty operations manager for the region Gina Oxley said heavy snow was expected to continue in the area until later this morning.

“We have been out gritting throughout the afternoon and we’re continuing to treat routes so we can reach the worst-affected areas and support our customers with their journeys.

“For anyone thinking of travelling tonight, our advice would be not to unless absolutely essential as heavy snow is expected to continue until 9am.”

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Cold snap to continue

On the trains, a number of operators warned services could be affected on Monday morning.

Thameslink said the severe weather had frozen the materials needed for the weekend’s engineering work, meaning that it would take longer to complete and affect some services.

Greater Anglia said passengers should not travel until after 8am if possible, as did c2c, saying that safety checks needed to be carried out following the bad weather.