Met Police steps up patrols after ‘number of incidents’ in relation to Israel and Gaza conflict | UK News

The Metropolitan Police says it has increased police patrols across London after the Hamas militant group attacked Israel.

In a statement released on Saturday, the force said it had been made aware of a number of incidents in the capital – some shared on social media – that were related to the ongoing conflict.

Anyone who experiences threatening behaviour or is worried about their safety is being urged to contact the police.

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“We are aware that the ongoing conflict may lead to protests over the coming days,” the statement added.

Scotland Yard confirmed “an appropriate policing plan” will be in place that balances the right to protest against disruption to Londoners.

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It came after Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said he was in touch with senior officers at the Met.

“Tragically, we know that violence in the Middle East can lead to a rise in hate crime in London,” he added.

“Let me be clear – hate crime in London will not be tolerated. Now or ever.”