Cardiff crash: Schools pay tribute to Kyrees Sullivan and Harvey Evans | UK News

The schools attended by the two boys killed in a crash in Cardiff on Monday have paid tribute to them.

Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and 15-year-old Harvey Evans died in the crash in the Ely area of the city on Monday evening.

Greenhill School, where Kyrees was a pupil, said he would be remembered for his “quick wit”.

A statement released by Bryn y Deryn, which Harvey attended, said he was a “popular member” of the school community.

A spokesperson for Bryn y Deryn also said it and the wider community of Cardiff was “very concerned” at the reports of disturbances that took place in the area following the collision.

The boys’ parents paid tribute on Wednesday and remembered fondly the “best friends”.


Kyrees’ school added he would also be remembered for his “ability to make those around him smile”.

“Words cannot describe how sorry our whole school community is to hear of the tragic loss of Kyrees Sullivan,” the spokesperson added.

“He will always be remembered for his quick wit and ability to make those around him smile.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and all who were close to him.”

Bryn y Deryn pupil referral unit (PRU) said it was “devastating” to hear one of the crash victims was a learner at the school.

“Harvey was a popular member of our school community,” they added.

“He was an able learner. He always arrived to school with big smile on his face and wisdom to share.

“He was an excellent sportsman and loved to debate on matters that he was passionate about.

“Our school community are devastated at the loss of this fun, kind, family focussed young man.”

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Bryn y Deryn PRU also said there are processes in place to support anyone in its school community who may be feeling distress or anxiety after recent events.