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Thunderball jackpot winner from Scotland thought he had dreamt numbers coming up | UK News

A man has told how his dream quite literally came true after he discovered he had won the Thunderball jackpot prize of £500,000.

Recently retired British Gas worker Raymond Young, from Edinburgh, initially checked his ticket while half-asleep.

The next morning, the 63-year-old assumed he had dreamt that his numbers had come up – but realised he had indeed won the top prize after checking the ticket with a fresh pair of eyes.

Mr Young, who has used the same Thunderball numbers since the lottery spin-off launched nearly 25 years ago, has already bought himself a new car and a holiday home since pocketing his winnings from the 23 March draw.

Undated handout photo issued by the National Lottery of Raymond Young who won the Thunderball jackpot prize of £500,000. Issue date: Thursday May 9, 2024.
Pic: PA

He said: “I had woken up in the middle of the night and randomly decided to check my numbers, which led me to see that I had won the top prize.

“I must have still been half-asleep though as in the morning I genuinely thought it was all a dream.

“So when I decided to have another check in the morning, this time fully awake, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that I was still a winner.”

Mr Young has bought a static caravan and has chosen a “beautiful spot on the coast” for it.

He added: “I can’t wait to start going there with my family and friends.”

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Mr Young bought his winning ticket from the Keystore, known locally as Fordel Services, in Dalkeith, Midlothian.

His winning numbers were 12, 14, 17, 25, 29 and the Thunderball was 14.

Undated handout photo issued by the National Lottery of Raymond Young who won the Thunderball jackpot prize of £500,000. Issue date: Thursday May 9, 2024.
Pic: PA

He celebrated his luck with a trip to his childhood holiday destination in Blackpool, which he has visited throughout his life.

Mr Young said: “For me, Blackpool has and will always be a home from home. It holds such special memories and I just love visiting a few times a year.

“I’ve been going there my whole life, from playing on the beach as a kid to staying with friends over the last decade, so it just had to be the place I chose to celebrate my win.”

Metropolitan Police officer tied up flatmate who thought she was going to be raped, court hears | UK News

A Metropolitan Police officer who used duct tape to restrain a woman asked her “who are you going to tell? I am the police”, a court has heard.

PC Sam Grigg, 36, tied his flatmate to the sofa by her wrists and ankles and later hurt her twice with a kitchen knife as he cut her free, Kingston Crown Court heard.

The young woman said she “100% thought” she was going to be raped by Grigg during what was described as “10 minutes of terror”.

Grigg was sacked from the Met after being charged and previously pleading guilty at the same court to false imprisonment and assault against the woman.

Ahead of his sentencing on Friday afternoon, the court heard the officer, who was not on duty at the time, approached his flatmate in the kitchen of the townhouse they shared in Twickenham, southeast London, while their other flatmates were out on 2 December last year.

Prosecutor Alexander Agbamu said Grigg grabbed the woman’s wrists and pulled her towards him before bending her over the sofa and tying her ankles together and taping over her mouth.

At one point Grigg left to answer the door before “smiling” down at her as she attempted to free herself by edging towards a drawer she believed might have a knife inside.

The woman asked him to remove the bindings and Grigg replied: “If you ask nicely, I’ll take them off.”

He eventually got a knife from the kitchen and used it to cut the tape, nicking her ankle and wrist in the process.

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‘Who are you going to tell?’

She asked him to avoid slicing her again after the first cut, to which Grigg said: “What will you do if I do… Who are you going to tell? I am the police”.

One of the first things the woman did after the assault was message a friend: “I genuinely, like 100%, thought he was going to rape me.”

Grigg was arrested mid-shift at Mitcham Police Station and a search of his bedroom uncovered a bag of cable ties, several pairs of handcuffs – including two which were police-issue – bundles of rope, a gig and a ball, and four silk cloths.

Victim impact statement

Mr Agbamu said since the attack the woman has struggled to sleep, did not eat for a long time and has self-harmed.

He said “aggravating factors” included “the pleasure the defendant seemed to derive from the incident”, his position as a police officer and the “clear sexual overtone” of the attack.

Defending, John Howey said: “He (Grigg) says it would not have progressed beyond the tying up phase to rape or any other form of sexual assault.”

Police searching for mother missing with baby and father release CCTV image thought to show her | UK News

Police searching for a mother and father who are missing with their newborn baby have released an image believed to show the woman at a port in Essex.

Constance Marten and Mark Gordon, along with their recently born child, are missing after their vehicle broke down near junction four of the M61, near Bolton, on Thursday night.

Greater Manchester Police released a CCTV image on Saturday which they believe shows Ms Marten outside of Harwich Port in Essex at 9am on Saturday.

“Our concern is make sure Constance, Mark and baby are safe and well,” the force said.

Essex Police said it was liaising with GMP for the three people “who they urgently want to find” and it was carrying out “extensive enquiries” in the area.

After the family went missing, police said evidence suggested that Ms Marten had “very recently given birth and neither her or the baby have been assessed by medical professionals”.

Constance Marten has been missing the vehicle she was travelling in broke down near a motorway
Constance Marten is thought to have very recently given birth, police say

After their vehicle broke down, the family walked towards Anchor Lane bridge which links the Highfield and Little Hulton areas.

Mr Gordon is described as wearing dark clothing while Ms Marten, who has a southern accent, was wearing a burgundy coat. The baby was swaddled.

Mark Gordon is missing along with his newborn baby
Mark Gordon is also missing

GMP’s head of public protection, Chief Superintendent Michaela Kerr, said: “As a mum, I would like to make a direct appeal to Constance.

“Constance, I know this is an exceptionally hard time for you and you are likely feeling scared, but I promise that our number one priority is the same as yours – to keep your beautiful newborn safe.

“As you know, it’s really important that both you and your baby are assessed by medical professionals as soon as possible, so please make contact with emergency services or make your way to your nearest hospital, wherever that may be.”

‘We thought gunshots were fireworks’: Friends describe moment ‘gorgeous’ Elle Edwards was shot dead | UK News

Friends of the woman killed in a Christmas Eve shooting at a pub said they were dancing and enjoying a night out when “in a split second” everything changed.

Elle Edwards, 26, was shot in the head at the Lighthouse Inn in Wallasey Village on the Wirral in Merseyside shortly after 11.50pm.

Her friends Meg and Jess, who did not give their surnames, told Sky News they thought the gunshots they heard were fireworks until they saw their friend lying on the floor.

“We went to go get a drink and we were at the bar and we just heard bangs,” Jess said.

“The second I heard Elle, I was like, ‘It’s not, it’s not, it’s not.’

“I could see her on the floor, people around her trying to help her.

“You just feel hopeless, you can’t help, you can’t do anything.”

Ms Edwards’ family are “devastated” and “inconsolable” after her death, police said in their appeal to the public for information.

Meg described the moment of her friend’s death as “a blur”.

“She was just so happy, we were all having so much fun,” she said.

Elle Edwards, pictured with her dad
Elle with her dad Tim Edwards

‘We were so happy’

Ms Edwards’ sister, who lives in Dubai, had left the venue sometime earlier.

“It plays on your mind, knowing whether she should have gone home,” Meg said.

She added: “We had been dancing and singing and now she’s on the floor.”

Her lasting memory of the night will be the group “singing and dancing inside the Lighthouse”.

“I’ve got videos of us all I can’t stop watching,” Meg said.

“We were so happy.

“It happened so fast, I can’t get it out of my head. I wish we could have done more, but there was nothing else we could have done.”

Jess added: “I just felt grateful that I was still here but felt guilty because I was with my family on Christmas and she wasn’t. [Elle’s family] most definitely didn’t celebrate.

“It could have been anyone – we were incredibly lucky, but it shouldn’t have been her either.”

Merseyside pub shooting victim Elle Edwards

A ‘gorgeous soul’

Jess described her friend as a “gorgeous soul”.

“There are no words to explain it,” she said.

“That night we had with her was lovely, her sister had just come back from Dubai.

“There was never a time when we’ve been out where we’ve not had a ball.”