Police release e-fit image of man found dead in plane undercarriage after aircraft landed at Gatwick | UK News

An e-fit image has been released by police of a man who died on board an aircraft to the UK, as they try to identify the victim.

His body was discovered in the undercarriage of the plane which landed at Gatwick Airport at around 4am on 7 December from The Gambia.

He is believed to be aged in his 20s or 30s and information has been shared with authorities in the west African country.

The Tui flight had been inbound from Banjul after taking off shortly before 10pm local time.

Officers are investigating the case in order to formally identify the man, and are working in partnership with the High Commissioner for Gambia, Interpol, and HM Coroner.

Detective Inspector Darren Lillywhite, of Sussex Police, said: “This was a tragic case, and we are working to establish the identity of the man found deceased.

“Somewhere, this man will have relatives or loved ones who do not know what has happened to him.”

Detectives are hoping to identify the man for an inquest which may provide answers for his loved ones.

Mr Lillywhite added: “In particular, we are seeking contact from anyone in the UK that may have been expecting to meet a friend or family member who failed to arrive in December, as well as anyone in The Gambia or neighbouring countries who may have knowledge about an individual who made travel plans to come to the UK or Europe.”

Anyone who recognises him is asked to contact Sussex Police.