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John Lewis and Waitrose to hire over 10,000 people as Christmas looms | Business News

The John Lewis Partnership is recruiting over 10,000 people as the Christmas rush looms.

About 1,700 positions will be permanent – and 8,400 will be seasonal.

The partnership owns the John Lewis department store chain, as well as the high-end supermarket Waitrose.

In an announcement, it said 2,900 temporary roles in sales and merchandising are now available across its 34 John Lewis stores.

Meanwhile, Waitrose is seeking supermarket assistants, night shift workers and customer delivery drivers for its 329 shops.

A further 2,700 festive roles are being advertised in its supply chain – with warehouse workers and drivers required to help the firm fulfil deliveries and click-and-collect orders.

Lisa Berry, an executive director at the John Lewis Partnership, said: “We’re hugely proud of the way our two brands have become part of the excitement that surrounds Christmas and this is a great opportunity to be at the heart of that at such a special time.

“Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do; we want to deliver a great festive season for them with inspirational products and the very best customer service courtesy of our brilliant partners.”

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May: John Lewis’s ownership threatened

All of this comes after a challenging few months for the group.

It reported an annual loss of £234m in March and warned an unspecified number of job cuts were on the cards.

For only the second time since 1953, its staff members – known as partners – did not receive an annual bonus due to the firm’s financial performance.

In May, John Lewis chair Dame Sharon White – a former top civil servant – was left bruised after a confidence vote was held by staff.

While reports earlier this year had suggested that the group planned to change its partnership model, Dame Sharon later confirmed: “The John Lewis Partnership will always be an employee-owned business. No ifs or buts.”

Men who murdered aspiring lawyer Sven Badzak after Waitrose trip in case of mistaken identity jailed for life | UK News

Two drug dealers who stabbed an aspiring lawyer to death in a case of mistaken identity have been handed life sentences for his murder.

Rashid Gedel and Shiroh Ambersley were among a group of six men who targeted 22-year-old Sven Badzak and his 16-year-old friend in a “gang-style attack” as the victims returned from a trip to Waitrose, the Old Bailey heard.

Mr Badzak fell to the ground and was repeatedly stabbed during the incident in Kilburn, northwest London, in February 2021, while the teenager was also stabbed but managed to run to a nearby supermarket for help.

Rashid Gedel
Pic:Met Police
Rashid Gedel was convicted of murder. Pic: Met Police

Prosecutor Anthony Orchard KC said neither victim was a gang member or associate but appeared to be the “unfortunate victims of mistaken identity”.

Gedel and Ambersely, both 22, were found guilty last month of murder and wounding with intent.

They were each acquitted of attempted murder of the 16-year-old but both convicted of wounding with intent.

Gedel, from Ilford, was jailed for at least 27 years and Ambersley, from Wembley, was also sentenced to a minimum of 27 years in prison.

Shiroh Ambersley
Pic:Met Police
Shiroh Ambersley was also found guilty of murder. Pic: Met Police

Mr Badzak’s mother Jasna, a former Conservative Party activist, attended the trial by video link after it was delayed due to industrial action by barristers last summer.

Following her son’s murder, she shared pictures on Twitter of him as a child with then prime minister Boris Johnson, former chancellor George Osborne, and ex-PM David Cameron, alongside a plea for help.

She thanked jurors for “their hard work and diligence in reaching the rightful verdict of murder” after the defendants were convicted in July.

Ms Badzak also vowed to “fight till the end of her life” to secure “Sven’s law” – to ensure anyone found to be in possession of a knife is handed a mandatory 20 year sentence.

Pic: Twitter/JasnaBadzak
Boris Johnson and Sven Badzak as a child. Pic: Twitter/JasnaBadzak

Pic: Twitter/JasnaBadzak
George Osborne with Sven Badzak and his mother, who is a former Conservative Party activist. Pic: Twitter/JasnaBadzak

Fatal attack lasted 20 seconds

The court heard Gedel and Ambersley had admitted previously carrying knives and drug dealing in the area.

Gedel had four previous convictions for carrying blades dating back to 2014. On his arrest in March 2021, a hunting knife was seized from his bedroom wardrobe.

Ambersley also had a conviction for possession of a blade, two offences of threatening with an offensive weapon in a public place and affray, and possession of drugs.

They had gone to a bakery looking for other young people to attack minutes before the murder and approached Mr Badzak and his friend as they returned from the Waitrose in Finchley Road.

Ms Badzak also shared a photo of her son with David Cameron. Pic: Twitter/JasnaBadzak
Sven Badzak’s mother shared a photo of her son with David Cameron. Pic: Twitter/JasnaBadzak

“Sven Badzak and his friend were wholly unaware of what was about to happen,” Mr Orchard told the jury.

Mr Badzak was stabbed in the chest, dropping his shopping bag as he fled and collapsed, the court heard.

Mr Orchard said the victim was kicked, punched and stabbed four times during the attack, which lasted just 20 seconds.

Both defendants, who were identified on CCTV, admitted being at the scene but denied they were carrying knives that day and claimed they were only there to sell drugs.

More than a quarter of UK adults have never boiled an egg, Waitrose survey finds | UK News

More than a quarter of UK adults have never boiled an egg and do not know how to, according to a report by Waitrose.

The supermarket chain’s annual Cooking Report also found fewer than a fifth of people have made a salad dressing.

Some 27% of the 4,000 UK adults surveyed had never boiled an egg and less than half (45%) had baked a Victoria sponge cake.

The report also found more than a third of people (35%) rate themselves as “very good” or “excellent cooks”.

Meanwhile, nearly two-fifths (39%) wish they could spend more time in the kitchen than they actually do, while one-fifth (20%) say they are entertaining more at home due to the cost of living crisis – although 34% now think the term “dinner party” is old fashioned.

Four in 10 (40%) are happy to choose cheaper cuts of meat and more affordable ingredients to economise when entertaining and 7% will ask friends to bring a dish or course.

Despite the soaring popularity of air fryers, microwaves have topped a list of 24 kitchen gadgets that most adults said they could not live without.

Almost three times as many people said they could not live without their microwave as those who said the same about air fryers, at 32% and 12% respectively.

‘For too long we’ve been looking down on microwaves’

Waitrose said searches for “microwave meals” were up 71% on compared with the same time last year, while sales of microwaves were up 13% at John Lewis.

Martyn Lee, executive chef for Waitrose, said: “Food is a daily joy and the cost-of-living crisis has hastened a change in how we cook.

“For too long we’ve been looking down on microwaves. You can do so much more in them than heat a cup of coffee.

“I make a great sponge in mine. I think it’s time to remember the enjoyment we get from the anticipation of their pinging.

“When you reheat a stew, or a slice of lasagne in your microwave after the flavours have had time to develop, you enjoy what’s known as the sixth taste sensation ‘kokumi’ – which is lesser known than the other five tastes – sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami.”

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Prince William has cooking lesson

The survey also found 46% of people ignore the sell-by dates on packaging, 38% use the ‘five-second rule’ for picking up food that has dropped on the floor, and 16% are happy to scrape the mould off food to eat or cook with it.

One-third get their ideas on what to cook from TV programmes and 5% have turned to Chat GPT for recipe inspiration.