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Just Stop Oil protests have cost Metropolitan Police £4.5m in six weeks | UK News

Just Stop Oil protests have cost the Metropolitan Police more than £4.5m in the last six weeks, the force said.

Since 24 April, Just Stop Oil (JSO) activists have staged demonstrations every day – including disrupting events like the Chelsea Flower Show, Gallagher Premiership final and World Snooker Championship – in what they call “an indefinite campaign of civil resistance”.

Up to 8 June, nearly 13,770 officer shifts had been used dealing with the demonstrations, the Met said.

This has cost the force over £4.5m as they are diverted from other roles to control the demonstrations which have disrupted traffic and other high-profile events.

Officers have new powers, introduced last month, to force protesters out of the road if they are deemed to be causing significant disruption, and these have been used in 125 of the 156 slow marches which have taken place so far.

Police said 86 arrests have been made for failing to comply and 49 people have been charged so far.

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Just Stop Oil activists tweeted that they would only stop their protests when the government stops new oil and gas contracts

The £4.5m is on top of the £7.5m which had already been spent policing the series of protests JSO staged between October and December last year.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Ade Adelekan said: “In deploying the new tactics of moving slowly in front of traffic along highways, Just Stop Oil’s intent has been clear on disrupting road users.

“This has caused a significant impact to the public and officers have been responding as swiftly as possible once aware of the incidents.”

Handout photo issued by Just Stop Oil of three protesters at Chelsea Flower Show who have been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage in connection with a Just Stop Oil protest. Picture date: Thursday May 25, 2023.
Protesters at Chelsea Flower Show who have been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage

Demonstrations continued on Monday with protesters marching in various locations including Waterloo near the Imax cinema, Victoria Street and Cromwell Road, Chelsea.

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JSO has pledged to carry on its protests ‘indefinitely’ until the government stops granting new licences for gas, coal and oil.

Mr Adelekan added: “We know that this action has been very frustrating for the public who just want to carry on with their day-to-day business.”

Just Stop Oil activists during  their slow walk protest in central London
Just Stop Oil activists during their slow walk protest in central London

He urged the public not to intervene and take matters into their own hands but to call the police to let them know where the incident is.

“It may look like we are not responding quickly enough, however policing protests is complex and there are steps officers must take to make sure our response is lawful and appropriate,” he said.

“You can see from both the arrest and charge figures that we are taking this operation very seriously, and once a protest is deemed to have caused serious disruption or may do so, we are taking swift action to stop it.”

Woman dies two weeks after being hit by police motorcycle escorting Duchess of Edinburgh | UK News

An elderly woman who was hit by a police motorcycle escorting the Duchess of Edinburgh has died.

Helen Holland had been in hospital in critical condition since she was hit on the afternoon of 10 May in west London.

Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, had said after the crash that her “thoughts and prayers” were with Ms Holland, with Buckingham Palace adding that she would “keep abreast of developments”.

A few days later, Ms Holland’s family had told Sky News that she was a “beautiful, loving, kind and caring lady who would always put anyone before herself”.

They had said that the mother of four, grandmother of 10, and great-grandmother of seven was a “well-respected and popular member of the community”.

“Helen may be 81-years-old but she is sprightly for her age and nothing stopped her living life to the full, spending precious time with her family, muddy walks with the dogs and lunches with friends is what she enjoyed most.”

The incident is being investigated by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

Palestinian gunmen killed weeks after shooting three British-Israeli women dead | World News

Two Palestinian gunmen have been killed – weeks after they shot dead a British-Israeli woman and her two daughters.

Israel’s military said that troops were sent to an apartment in the city of Nablus during the early hours of Thursday.

There was an exchange of fire before the two suspects, and a third man who had helped them, were killed.

The gunmen were identified as Hassan Katnani and Maed Mitsri, members of the Hamas militant group.

The third man was named as Ibrahim Hura, a senior operative in the group.

Maia and Rina Dee, aged 20 and 15, died in the West Bank when their car was shot at and forced off the road on 7 April.

Their mother, Lucy Dee, 45, died in hospital from her wounds a few days later.

The attack happened near Hamra, about 30 miles north of Jerusalem, but the family lived in the settlement of Efrat – close to Bethlehem.

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Maia and Rina’s father, Rabbi Leo Dee, said: “I and the kids were delighted to hear that the terrorists were apprehended and eliminated today, and most of all that it was done in a way that apparently did not endanger the lives of Israeli soldiers because that was one of the most important things from our family’s perspective.

“I have requested from the Shabak [Israel’s Security Agency] that since we cannot sit and interview live the terrorists… that we should have the opportunity perhaps to interview live on television members of the family of the terrorist – perhaps the parents, siblings or the parents or the siblings.

“So that is my message.

“The question we would like to ask them is: what was their purpose in this particular attack, what is their vision for a better world?”

Hundreds of people attended funerals for the three women, whose deaths reduced the Dee family from seven members to four.

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Rabbi Leo Dee spoke to Sky News soon after the deaths of his wife and two daughters

Rabbi Dee has appeared in Israeli media a number of times since then, saying he bears no hatred towards the killers and calling for national unity.

Israel has been raiding West Bank villages, towns and cities for more than a year in what it says is a bid to dismantle militant networks and prevent future attacks.

But Palestinians see these as Israel further strengthening its 56-year occupation of lands they seek for a future independent state.

Some 250 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli fire since the raids began – Israel has said most of these have been militants, but stone-throwing youths and people not involved in the confrontations have also been killed.

During the same period, nearly 50 people have been killed in Palestinian attacks on Israelis.

Ship that toppled over in Edinburgh dry dock injuring 35 people finally righted weeks later | UK News

A US Navy vessel which tipped over in a dry dock, leaving dozens injured, is back in the water.

Thirty five people were hurt when RV Petrel became dislodged from its holding and toppled to a 45-degree angle at Imperial Dock in Leith, Edinburgh, in March.

More than a month later, the 3,371-tonne vessel has been righted and is now afloat.

The US Navy owned Petrel is back in the water more than a month after it toppled over in an Edinburgh dry dock. Picture date: Tuesday May 2, 2023.
RV Petrel is back in the water more than a month after it tipped over

Worker Constantin Pogor previously told of being thrown from one side of the ship to the other during the incident.

The 48-year-old was recently released from hospital after suffering a dislocated elbow and fractured pelvis.

A further 22 people were taken to hospital, with 12 others treated at the scene.

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March: Multiple people injured after ship dislodges

Specialist cranes were spotted on site last month as inquires continue into how the vessel became dislodged.

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspectors, who are working alongside Police Scotland, have been assessing the technical aspects of the structural collapse.

A force spokesman said on Tuesday: “Officers are working with the Health and Safety Executive. Inquires are ongoing to establish the full circumstances.”

RV Petrel has been moored at the Imperial Dock – operated by Dales Marine Services – since September 2020 due to “operational challenges” from the pandemic.

A view of the ship Petrel at Imperial Dock in Leith, Edinburgh, which has become dislodged from its holding and is partially toppled over. Fifteen people were taken to hospital while a further 10 patients were treated and discharged at the scene after emergency services were called at around 8.35am on Wednesday morning. Picture date: Thursday March 23, 2023.
An aerial photo of the ship after it became dislodged in March

In a previous statement, Dales Marine Services said it “continues to liaise with the emergency services and relevant authorities in dealing with the incident” and at this time it “cannot comment any further”.

The 76 metre-long Petrel was once owned and outfitted by the late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen but was sold by his estate in 2022.

Mr Allen bought the ship to locate historically significant shipwrecks and it discovered around 30 sunken warships, including the Japanese Imperial Navy’s IJN Musashi.

In 2022, the Isle of Man-registered vessel was sold to the US Navy, and it is now operated by American-owned firm Oceaneering International.

The US Navy has been approached for comment.