Two children die with Strep A in Scotland | UK News

Two children aged under 10 in Scotland have died with Strep A since 3 October, Public Health Scotland has said.

The organisation said it is aware of seven deaths among invasive group A streptococcal infections (iGAS) cases between October 3 and December 25.

Two of those deaths were in children under 10.

Strep A: Symptoms and the difference between GAS and iGAS

It said this compares with between zero and seven deaths reported during the same time period of previous years.

Infections caused by Strep A include the skin infection impetigo, scarlet fever and strep throat.

While the vast majority of infections are relatively mild, sometimes the bacteria cause iGAS, a life-threatening infection in which the bacteria has invaded parts of the body, such as the blood, deep muscle or lungs.