Royal Family passes the Queen to the nation as thousands queue to share their loss | UK News

Once again her family were around her as the Queen left Buckingham Palace for one final time.

Supporting her in death as they did in life, on a journey they have all made together so often in happier times to mark so many milestones including her Platinum Jubilee.

Now watched again by the public who shared stories and tears along the Mall.

Queen's coffin procession. Pic: AP
Pic: AP

Queen lies in state – latest updates

After her children, grandchildren and royal household staff had been able to pay their own private quiet tributes inside Buckingham Palace, this was the moment when her family passed the Queen to the nation, delivering her safely to Westminster Hall where she is now lying in state.

The loud chimes of Big Ben and the guns in Hyde Park resonating minute after minute, the solemnity reverberating through the crowds, as the Queen’s family marched in quiet contemplation.

They may be trained for this life, but their composure was still remarkable when you consider their messages this week to their beloved mama and granny.

Their own tributes worn on their chests, with medals from all of her jubilees, and brooches she had given them as gifts.

As the guard began their vigil around her coffin the only sound inside Westminster Hall was a noisy tapping every 20 minutes marking the change of those on duty.

The first members of the public pay their respects as the vigil begins around the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Hall, London

Some who’d been queuing for 15 hours finally allowed inside the hall, beginning that endless public stream of remembrance that will last four days.

Their dedication to their Queen has already been a reassurance to the Royal Family.

As Princess Anne said in her statement, it has been humbling and uplifting for a family who need the public’s support; people who met her, others who didn’t but still felt they knew her, now in their thousands queuing to share their loss.

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First mourners pay respects

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