Scottish independence will create partnership of equals in the UK, Sturgeon to say | UK News

Scottish independence will create a partnership of equals in the UK, Nicola Sturgeon will say in her speech to the SNP conference in Aberdeen today.

Ms Sturgeon will bring the three-day event to a close by telling delegates that the nations of the UK and the Republic of Ireland, will “always be the closest of friends, always be family”.

She is expected to say: “Scottish independence can reset and renew the whole notion of nations working together for the common good.

“England, Scotland, Wales, the island of Ireland. We will always be the closest of friends. We will always be family. But we can achieve a better relationship, a true partnership of equals, when we win Scotland’s independence.”

She is also expected to accuse the UK government of “Westminster’s denial of Scottish democracy”.

She will say: “Full frontal attacks on devolution. A basic lack of respect. It is these which are causing tension and fraying the bonds between us.”

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The First Minister was criticised on Sunday for saying to the BBC: “I detest the Tories and everything they stand for.”

Speaking to journalists on Sunday, Ms Sturgeon was asked about any announcements she would make in her speech. She said she will have “more to say” on the cost of living crisis “and a host of other things as well”.

She also rejected claims there was a lack of policy commitments during the conference.